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Purple poll: Romney 48%, Obama 45% in FL

Purple Strategies, the bi-partisan consulting group, released several swing states polls today, and they have Mitt Romney leading Barack Obama in Florida 48 percent to 45 percent.

**Forty six percent say the economy is growing worse and 29 percent said it's getting better.

**Fifty percent said Obama has been a failure as president, while 41 percent said Romney is too out of touch to be president.

**43 percent approve of Obama's job performance and 54 percent disapprove.

**47 percent have a favorable view of Romney and 46 percent an unfavorable view.

Here's the full polling summary

Posted by Adam C. Smith


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48 Percent For Willard Romney?

I cannot Believe all these People "Have Private Health Insurance"?

Willard Romney calls the "Paul Ryan Budget, Wonderful"!

Do you know what is in it, and not in it?

Medicare will be phased OUT to - "A Voucher Program" where seniors will "receive a Stipend of $8 to $9 K with which to "Purchase Private Health Insurance" which will Now Cost Them up to 50 percent More Than the 20 percent Co-Pay of Today! Medicaid will be cut 1/3 and become a payment to a State to adsminister and ration medical care... ie. " STATE DEATH PANELS"!!

Their Objective, as Grover Nordquist says "Shrink Medicare and Medicaid to a size where It can be drowned in a bathtub"!

So, The Republican Heath PLAN -- "Is NO PLAN" , Just .. "If You Cannot Afford ta Buy Private Health Insurance ... JUST DIE"!

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