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Republican Jewish Coalition's "Buyer's Remorse" ads to run in FL in September

In keeping with today's all-things-Jewish political coverage comes this: The Republican Jewish Coalition announced a $6.5 million ad campaign featuring voters who have "buyers remorse" over voting for Obama. The RJC says it has reserved $1.6 million in time in September in Florida.

Obama supporters countered today by pointing to this Ehud Barak interview on CNN:

"I think that from my point of view as defense minister they are extremely good, extremely deep and profound. I can see long years, um, administrations of both sides of political aisle deeply supporting the state of Israeli and I believe that reflects a profound feeling among the American people," said Barak. "But I should tell you honestly that this administration under President Obama is doing in regard to our security more than anything that I can remember in the past."

Here are the RJC ads:


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The ad pushes falsehoods already labeled false by Factcheck.org, Politifact and others. Let's see how long the RJC can get away with this.



Fact is that Ehud was in charge of Israel many years ago. What service he performs in the cabinet of Netanyahu is minor, but politically useful in Israel.

Reality is that when I was in Israel last, in 1982, Begin ran the place and he and his Likud party kept us safe, while we were visiting various archaeological sites in Israel.

Ehud has got some wisdom, but the safety of folks in Israel is best left to the Likud party and those folks who remember that the Arabs surrounding Israel want it destroyed.

Michael Goldstein

Isn't that fact checker working for George Soros at the H street blog? The truth is the 67 borders were never-ever the starting point for negotiations with the Palestinians. Obama changed the game and has placed Israel in peril.
If you are a Jew and don't really care about Israel or it is not one of your priorities than by all means vote for Obama.
Otherwise if you do love Israel and hope tp protect it against its enmeies who also happen to be America's enemies than vote for Romney.
The choice is crystal clear.

Michael Goldstein

Sorry enemies.

Irene Golden

I am so happy to see the billboards. It's time to change them now to say something more specific. It's ok for jewish people to vote other than democrat. They need to know that Obama is not on their side or Israel's.


isreal is not the only thing going on in the world
the US has its own problems and Obama is the only one trying to fix them.


Even if you are not Jewish, Israel is strategically located. Right now the world depends on Arab oil and our allies in the region are disappearing by way of the Muslim Brotherhood. Some high-level clerics in Iran are threatening to sabotage an oil tanker and create an environmental disaster to block the shipment of oil should sanctions continue (Jersualem Post 10/16/12). Israel is the only ally in the region that the US can depend on if we should need to take action by sea or air. The only candidate that will protect Israel (for moral and strategic reasons) is Romney.

Beverly Spencer

It is so funny how Jewish people associated with this group forget that the pass administration took eight years with surplus money to bring this country to the brink of brancruptcy and you all expect this current administration to fix the mess in four years. God has a plan and a time table for Isreal all Jewish people should go back to the bible and read what God has to say on Isreal. You should not let the color of one skin let you tarnish your intigerty for political gain.

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