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Rick Scott travels to UK with 85-member entourage

Gov. Rick Scott's 85-member entourage in the United Kingdom this week includes business leaders, tourism executives, and even a couple of lobbyists and mayors. The manifest, provided by Enterprise Florida, includes Ashton Hayward of Pensacola, along with outgoing Senate President Mike Haridopolos, who's on his third Scott trade mission.

Lobbyists who accompanied Scott across the pond include Marc Dunbar (parimutuels), Robert Hawken of FCCI Insurance Group, Fred Karlinsky (insurance and health care) and John Sebreeof the Florida Association of Realtors. Tom Van Berkel, chairman of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, is in England, as is Don Weidner, dean of the Florida State University College of Law. Mike and Nancy Crews of Custom Manufacturing and Engineering of Pinellas Park are trade mission exhibitors in London. 

Also on the trip: George Zoley, chairman and CEO of The GEO Group, Inc., the private prison operator based in Boca Raton. Thirteen employees of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach are in the UK as well.

First Lady Ann Scott accompanied her husband. Others from the governor's office on the trip include press aide Jackie Schutz, Scott travel aide Brad Piepenbrink and Ann Scott's aide Sarah Hansford

Enterprise Florida spokesman Stuart Doyle said business community representatives decided on their own whether to go along, and are paying their own way. Doyle said a visit to Lloyd's of London is on the business of agenda, which is why some insurance representatives are attending, including state insurance commissioner Kevin McCarty

CORRECTION: An earlier post incorrectly reported that Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown traveled with the governor. Brown remained in Jacksonville.



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85 members? What did THIS cost the tax payers? And if not the tax payer, bribery by corporations?


That's a lot of taxpayer money crossing the pond. I wonder of the lobbyists and politicians will violate Florida law and claim it is OK because they are in the UK?

David Kearns

Like his trip to Spain this should be interesting. Let's see how long until he offends. I am sure his choice of venue had nothing to do with the Olympics. Meantime, we'll all just sit back here and be content to chew on "opportunities".


Unbelievable. "Also on the trip George Zoley, chairman and CEO of GEO, private prison group". This Governor hits a new new low regarding shady lobbyist relationships. You people that voted this crook as our Governor need your heads examined. More evidence that validates studies that indicate Florida has the most corrupt politicians.

Tally Folly

Maybe he can ask them how they can stand living with socialized medicine.


Meanwhile, Florida closes only tuberculosis hospital amid worst US outbreak in 20 years



rewarding his buds........digusting.


Disgusting. While demanding austerity and sacrifice from everyone else in his state.

Some leader. Not.


Yeah, the Brits want to open businesses in the TB capital of the Western Hemisphere.

Gail Flanders

Plently of money for lawsuits and junkets, but just too broke for education and heathcare.

michael gordon

Felonious Scott, the most hated governor in the history of florida and the only one to be able to steal 200million from medicare. HE should be in a costa rican prison.

Just Sayin

Our Governor:
and proud of it


It wasn't 200 million he stole from medicaid, it was a few BILLION.Scott was made to pay back 1.7 BILLION DOLLARS. Largest scam off the Government of the United States at the time. Scott is a slick willy CRIMINAL.


You democrat bloggers need 2 get a life. I didnt vote for the guy, but if he's trying to bring business back here, good for him.

We could use some business since our idiot president is killing jobs left and right


so 8 yrs of Bush economics didn't teach the republicans that their BIG ideas aren't going to work.I've yet to hear what plan they have to fix what they screwed up so bad.The best solution is to buy some land and live on it; take care of yourself and let the republicans trash what's left.


He's such as A-H! Can't travel by himself - probably sucks his thumb when he's alone....


I guess they are meeting up with Bob McDonnell and his group from Va.. Anybody wonder if the Koch brothers are involved?


Sucks his thumb when he sleeps? I bet he sucks something else for the Koch brothers. Loathe the man and hate what he has done to the state. I hope he becomes ill there and sees what real health care is all about. If we are lucky, his plane will crash somewhere in the mid-Atlantic on the way back!


Bad for Florida but was voted in to office. Just add one more thing to make Floria politics a joke.


Miamivice, it doesn't take 85 people to bring back business, and I'd like a detailed itinerary - he is spending my money after all. I don't imagine his schedule is about bringing back business.


Could this have something to do with B.P.? We need more info before we can come to a conclusion. All else is mere speculation. Thanks

Michael Jax

Public records request, PLEASE Miami Herald!

Ricardo Ayaviri

This is more like do "as I say not as I do" Politics.

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