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Romney campaign's "You Didn't Build That" web ad assault features FL biz owners

Mitt Romney's presidential campaign obviously thinks it has a winner when it comes to the "You Didn't Build That" controversy involving President Obama's comments regarding small businesses, two of which from Florida are featured in the following web ad:


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Matt Lake

Their website features the full interviews with the business owners used in these clips. I'm surprised how lazy the campaign was. They couldn't how found some people in Florida whom built large business that employ people? Instead, they found two lawyers that are involved in Republican politics?

Is this the same Terri Gaffney that represents Republican candidates and was a political appointee of Rick Scott's?

The second is Dov Sussman, owner of Overstreet Wealth Management. I wonder if Overstreet Wealth Management invest in any companies that benefited from any of the government bailouts? (Also, it turns out Terri Gaffney is Overstreet's General Counsel)- overstreetwealthmanagement.com

I also wonder if there is another Dov Sussman in Tampa or if this is the same one posting Islamaphobic comments on the internet, like: . . .It is easier for the academic world to blame the victim, deny the obvious and fawn over those who, if successful, will end academic freedom faster than a magic carpet ride with Mohammed.

Let the fact checking, begin!

Matt Lake

Follow up: Here's a photo of Terri & Dov hanging out with Governor Rick Scott. https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/248224_10150275559426413_4793106_n.jpg

He Really Needs to Go

It is the worst and most revealing sentence ever uttered by Barack Obama --a person who has built precisely zero businesses in his life unless you consider writing flattering autobiographies a business.


This really is a fantastic commercial, even if the left winged "fact checker" doesn't like it.

Maybe the most deplorable thing ever said by a President, other than "I am not a crook".


Terri and Dov are married (despite the different last names) and, some of the most odd people I have met in the HCREC. Rumor around the REC is that they have blackmailed one political candidate into renting space from them, at threat of a frivolous lawsuit. I believe they are also being sued, although I cannot confirm. Anyone have access to the online court database?

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