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Scott discusses aerospace jobs with British prime minister

Gov. Rick Scott chatted with British Prime Minister David Cameron Monday about the importance of the aerospace sector, according to a press release from his office.

Scott is in London for an international air show, on his sixth trade mission. The discussion centered on the importance of the aerospace industry in the United Kingdom and in Florida, the release states.

"The UK and Florida have significant trade and investment links as the world's seventh and 20th largest economies, respectively. The UK is Florida's largest foreign direct investor employing over 39,100 Floridians, and Florida is the largest long-haul destination for UK nationals with 1.3 million UK tourists visiting Florida every year," Scott said in the release. Scott

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While Scott is touring England, Airbus just announced a $600 aircraft plant in Alabama, where heath care and education are superior to Florida's.


I mean $600 MILLION -- and will employ 1,000 Americans making four passenger planes a month. Plus 2,500 construction jobs.


The Airbus investment is great news for AL. But its location - Mobile - will benefit ALL the surrounding states that are part of the Southeast Aerospace Alliance - MS, AL, LA and FL. It was nice to see 3 of those Governors come together last night in recognition of that fact. The importance of Scott's presence in the UK can not be underestimated and the 40+ meetings he's due to undertake over the next few days will undoubtedly secure more jobs for the state.


Yes, Governor, thanks for those jobs in Alabama that you can add to your total of high-paying jobs created in other states!

Hippies make me laugh!

LOL Flowerchild LOL.

Alex Sink would be sinking our economy! Just like the President is sinking our national debt with half a billon dollar investments into Solyndra, which file for bankruptcy protection. Unemployment Rate Dropped In Every State That Elected A Republican Governor In 2010! http://t.co/pYMAOcF6 

Hippies make me laugh!

Link was broken:http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/07/07/Unemployment-Rate-Dropped-In-Every-State-That-Elected-A-Republican-Gov-In-2010


Unemployment has dropped in EVERY state since Bush left, regardless of each governor's party. ALABAMA THANKS YOU, GOV. SCOTT!

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