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South Florida lawmakers slam Citizens board for trying to push up insurance rates

The board of Citizens Property Insurance Corp. received a tongue-lashing from lawmakers and homeowners during a Monday workshop in Miami after unveiling a plan to raise rates by an average of 7.5 percent next year.

The proposed statewide rate increase — which is higher in places like South Florida — translates to about $173 million in higher costs for Florida homeowners, who have already sustained a barrage of cost increases and coverage reductions this year.

South Floridians and their elected officials bashed Citizens’ board for considering raising costs further for struggling homeowners.

“The decisions you make affect people that you may not think about,” said Rep. Carlos Lopez-Cantera, R-Miami, referring to low-income Miamians who have to choose between housing costs and food. “They don’t get the opportunity to come [meet] in a nice hotel board room, and have food delivered to them.”

Citizens’ board held the public workshop at the JW Marriott in Brickell, with the aim of adding more transparency to its annual rate filing process. About 50 people attended. Next week, Citizens will finalize its rate plan, which includes increases of up to 11.4 percent in parts of South Florida.

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joe blow

Little Carlos didn't mind SCREWING homeowners when he was supporting all the corrupt Republican mandates in Tallahassee.
now that he's term limited out and running for a local elected post ALL OF A SUDDEN he's a champion of the middle and lower classes?????
will the crazy Cubans be DUMB ENOUGH to fall for it? HELL YES!


The entire insurance industry has been raping Florida customers for six years. They charge premiums based on a once in 150 year storm occurence, and the Tallahassee Repugnants turn a blind eye as their political accounts are fattened with insurance lobby money - that is your money paid in outrageous premiums. So when Republicans brag about how they do not raise taxes, go back and look at your insurance premiums and utility bills and see how much the Repugnants have helped you.

Juana Esposito

Citizens+Republicans=Ponzi Scheme. All the Cuban Republicans have abandoned the average working family in favor of private prisons and corporate breaks. They disgust me

Brian Murphy

I can certainly understand and appreciate your frustration.
At Murphy's Brightway insurance we are very unique. We have over 100 top rated insurance companies. We always have more choices and supply our customers with better insurance value.

Brian Murphy


Brian Murphy stop using this forum to promote your agency. Misrepresenting the consumer is not good business. You do not have over 100 top rated insurance companies for property insurance. If lucky you may have two and maybe one is Citizens Ins.

Oscar, a Public Adjuster and a consumer advocate protecting the consumer


Citizens Ins is changing their homeowners policy by excluding and reducing coverages and placing dollar limits on water losses. some of the private insurance companies have changed their policies reflecting the changes stated above. they want to continue increasing the policy premiums and reducing the coverages. How much is enough. the Real Estate market is feeling the crunch. People cannot qualify for mortgages. Retirees cannot afford the premiums and option not to eat so they can pay the premium. enough is enough.
It has affected the economy. Most of the income goes to insurance premiums. Call upon your elected officials. tell them how you feel.


Brian Murphy

Oscar OVER 100 TOP rated companies. You are welcome to come by any time to verfy. I just ask you to willing to post what you find.

My clients rarely choose Citizens We have insurance choices.

Brian Murphy
Murphys Brightway

Tim Nusbaum

So now along comes the Republican populated Board of Citizens ready to give away 350 million of it's (the citizen's)treasury in potentially forgivable loans (bribes really)to insurance companies who may not even have offices in Florida.

The Republicans, lead by Gov. Scott are giving away Florida.

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