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Vengeance or justice in case involving Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll's aide?

An attorney for a former aide to Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll defended his client’s credibility Thursday, saying the governor’s office had known since November about some of the explosive allegations — including a so-called “sexual escapade” between Carroll and a female staffer in her office.

“We think she’s credible and she carries herself as someone who doesn’t throw these allegations around,” said Steven Andrews, a Tallahassee attorney representing Carletha Cole. “Everything she’s said to us has been self-corroborated by public records.”

On Thursday, Lane Wright, a spokesperson for the governor’s office, called the claims “outrageous.”

Cole, 49, was arrested and charged in October with disclosing an illegally taped conversation to a Florida Times Union newspaper reporter. The taped conversation involved Cole and Carroll’s chief of staff, John Konkus, talking about interoffice drama.

Cole was charged with releasing the tape, not with actually recording the conversation. If convicted of the third-degree felony of disclosing it, she faces up to five years in prison.

In Florida, it is illegal to record a private conversation without the consent of its participants. Cole denies making the recordings.

The criminal case turned nasty this month when Cole, in court documents, accused Carroll of engaging in sex, lies and illegal audio taping at her office in the state Capitol.

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Maria Cid

Jennifer Carroll is real whack job, I don't believe a word she says.

John Q public

She took a lie detector and passed has the Lt Governor done the same thing? How many politicians have denied things all the way to the end and then we found out they were guilty, I want the Lt Governor to take a lie detector test

Scott is going to do everything he can to cover this up wether it is true or not, since it makes him look so bad.


Vengance? Justice? How about just plain NUTS??!! This chick sounds like a disgruntled former employee. LOL!

John Q public

NUTS, disgruntled former employee or not she passed the lie detector test, so she maybe telling the truth!!!

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