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Video: Connie Mack's beat the press campaign

Rep. Connie Mack IV's is continuing to pick a fight with the Tampa Bay Times and political editor Adam C. Smith.

On Monday, Mack's campaign wrote a letter to the editor of the Times saying "Smith’s agenda is Left Wing and Democrat." The letter was penned in response to the editorial board recommending former U.S. Rep. Dave Welson in the U.S. Senate Republican primary (Smith is not a member of the editorial board and does not participate in the discussions about recommending candidates).

On Tuesday, Mack continued to attack Smith in comments to reporters -- in a group that included Smith -- at a meeting of Hillsborough Republicans. POLITICO obtained a video that documented the exchange.

"They're a mouthpiece for the liberals," said Mack, putting his hand on Smith's shoulder. Later, Mack refused to answer a question asked by Smith, saying: "When you decide to be a real journalist, then we'll talk to you."

--- Amy Hollyfied, Tampa Bay Times


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?Why is this not a front page story showing how a candidate is obfuscating his true nature and plan to change the subject of the electiôn. It is as important in South Florida as it is in the Tampa Bay area. This is the typical tactic in Republican politics and should be called out.


What a looser


Good for Mack! It is about time somebody stood up to the Democrat shills posing as journalists.

Nicolle Picking

It is a shame that Connie Mack refuses to come out in public and debate the other candidates. At first I thought it could only be due to ignorance or arrogance. I called news channel nine and they told me that none of the candidates would come to the debate they wanted to set up with the Tampa Bay Times. I know that is not true. Marielena Stuart will debate Connie Mack "anywhere, anytime". I guess Mack's reason is simply to hide in his empty suit behind his family name and not allow the other candidates to have a public forum. I hope the Times will give some publicity and provide some way for Marielena to let the voters get to know her and her policies and experiences. Maybe then Mack could drop out and run as an independent or just drop out of the race completely like George LeMieux did after the first time he was on stage with Marielena. She is the only true Conservative in the race.

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