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Wasserman Schultz talks up Allen West's likely Democratic opponent

U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Weston) talked up Democratic candidates including Patrick Murphy, political newcomer and businessman who is expected to win the primary in Congressional District 18 and face Republican U.S. Rep. Allen West.

“Patrick Murphy will send the unhinged, McCarthy-esque West and his extremist views back home wherever that is where he belongs,” said the DNC chair speaking to about 1,000 Democrats at the annual Jefferson Jackson dinner in Hollywood Saturday night.

The McCarthy comments relates to when West riled up Congressional Democrats when he said about 80 are Communists -- a claim PolitiFact ruled Pants on Fire.

West was elected to the Broward/Palm Beach Congressional District 22 while he lived in part of Plantation that was in a neighboring district represented by Wasserman Schultz. Due to redistricting, West recently moved to the new Treasure Coast District 18 which is north of his current district. Murphy also recently moved to the district.

West has a major financial advantage: he raised about $7.6 million through the first quarter of the year while Murphy has raised about $2.3 million through the second quarter.


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All she needs is a BROOM !


West is at $9.9 million through June

Just saying

All they have to do now is keep young murphy away from south beach nightclubs.

joe blow

all we have to do is keep Alan West away from young teenage boys!
another "family values" Repiggie!

Just saying

I think you and i know that is murphy's gig,, blow.

T Halliburton

West is a joke. The guy is all blow.


i wonder if Mr. West has gone for his mental evaluation yet .


What kind of lunatics do you have down there that would vote for an obviously deranged individual? He needs counseling, not a Congressional seat.

marc cooper

It's a curious phenomenon, this thing of people voting for monsters who will destroy their society - voters effectively choosing against their own self interest. Later they will be embarrassed and unable to explain why they did it other than to say that things were somehow different then.

Liberal and loving it

As we all know...Florida sits on a gian t weirdness magnet. It attracts all sorts of ??????? folks.


Its the sun.


West couldn't cut and run from his current district fast enough.

Eric Goldberg

Republicans do not think Government works because they elect people too incompetent to prove otherwise.


how can anyone who is not a certifiable lunatic believe 80 members of congress are communist party members?

west has long since gone beyond merely being unhinged.

he is now in totally uncharted territory.


One term of that buffoon is enough.
Please Debbie we love you. Get that bum
out of office please.

Repubs lie

Swiss Flip ROBme....Please...please....please pick this lunatic West for VP. Pretty please! Please!


West is repugnant, vile, and disgraceful! I've never seen such a mental patient in high office in all my life. He needs to be removed from office immediately!


What has West done in congress other than propose a bill that kissed the butt of his new district?


Puh-leeze!! I'm a Forida Treasure Coast independent, but I would sooner vote for anyone but West. The man needs major personal help - he's so disconnected from reality.


West is certifiable. A real cuckoo.


Florida rests on quite a bit of swampland, as we know. That's probably where most of Fla's lunatics from hell originated - as well as alligators, West, and pythons

Shannon Verse

East is East and West is West. Let's send West out to
Montana...He can start his own clan of misfits. You go Debbie
You need one with these make-believe politicians.


He and Joe Walsh should be evaluated. The things that comes out of their UNBELIEVABLE!


hose who vote for this guy drink waaaaaaay too much swamp water.


It's funny how all of the libtards on this site are bashing what could be the first real Black American President...not the half breed lying POS that currently occupies the WH.


The only one unhinged is Wasserman Schultz. Can we please defeat her in November. Please give whatever level of support you can to her opponent! I personally will be putting my money where my mouth is and it ain't a whole lot but if we each do our part it will be massive. Thanks to you all in advance and my God bless our Republic!


Sorry for the typo's in my last post. Unlike some sites I am unable to correct them.

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