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Where's Rick Scott this campaign season?

TALLAHASSEE — Someone is conspicuously absent from the campaign brochures produced by Republican candidates in Florida this summer:

Gov. Rick Scott.

Hobbled by weak poll numbers, awkward on the stump and still somewhat estranged from the party establishment that shunned him in 2010, Scott is invisible on the campaign trail across Florida.

He also has steadfastly avoided taking sides in party primaries to a greater extent than either of his two predecessors, Charlie Crist and Jeb Bush.

Colorful images of Bush and U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio can be seen everywhere in GOP circles. But candidates sometimes appear to go out of their way to avoid showing Scott's picture.

In the hotly contested Republican primary for a Tampa Bay Senate seat, Rep. Jim Frishe hands out brochures featuring pictures of him with three stalwarts of the GOP: Bush, Rubio and U.S. Rep. C.W. Bill Young. But not Scott.

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John N Florida

That's simple. The last thing the candidates want is a reminder that the bills Scott signed, which large numbers of voters hated, these people passed in the legislature.
As naive as the Florida electorate is, if they make that connection, the incumbents are toast.


I reckon he's too busy looking for several hundred thousand jobs for Floridians. It's not working; of course, he is trying to pour water on the sands of the great big jobs desert Obama has created.


you can say that Obama didn't bring back the jobs that were lost under Bush, but you can't blame a single lost job on Obama.
Start paying attention will you.


Rick Scott is with Don Quixote and Sancho Panza chasing windmills, chanting all the while, "the middle class is doomed".

sal epp

R Scott DEFIANTLY REFUSED Obama's offer of FED Funding for a light rail project that would have - at worst - provided jobs for desperate unemployed Floridians. At BEST, this project could have improved Public Transportation, saved drivers money & been a catalyst for greater employment as well as transportaion progress. R Scott is a vile obstructionist who is a TERRIBLE Governor. If I were Romney (who's obnoxious enough all by himself!), I'd avoid R Scott like the PLAGUE.

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