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WSJ: Connie Mack shows how to lose winnable race

Those liberal editorial writers at the far-left Wall Street Journal have joined the liberal conspiracy with this editorial:

Perhaps Florida Rep. Connie Mack someday plans to write a book on how to lose a winnable Senate race. Chapter One: Pursue a public vendetta against the press.

Mr. Mack has been engaged in a tiff with the local media since the Miami Herald reported in February on old marital and debt problems. The Tampa Bay Times followed up a couple of months later with an examination of the candidate's campaign. Mr. Mack's father, a former U.S senator, retaliated with a letter to Republicans accusing the press of trying to "torpedo Connie's candidacy" and "save and promote [incumbent Democratic Senator] Bill Nelson and Barack Obama."

Fast forward a few months. Mr. Mack's biggest competition for the Republican nomination, former Sen. George LeMieux, dropped out of the race in June. The nomination was supposedly Mr. Mack's for the taking and may still be. But the Tampa Bay Times ostensibly tried to complicate the heir apparent's coronation by endorsing former Rep. Dave Weldon over the weekend. 


Mr. Mack may score some points with conservatives by excoriating the liberal media, but such attacks will wear thin quickly and fall flat with independents. The only thing Mr. Mack buys with his media assassinations is more scrutiny and negative coverage.

 Full piece here (subscription required).