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A voter's guide to Miami-Dade ballot races

Missed our coverage over the past week of Miami-Dade races on the Aug. 14 primary ballot? Here are links to our stories, all in one place. For the Miami Herald editorial board's recommendations, click here. (The recommendations, and this blog post, will be updated as new editorials and articles are published.)

Mayor: Carlos GimenezJoe Martinez & other candidates

Property Appraiser

County Commission, District 1

County Commission, District 3

County Commission, District 5 

County Commission, District 9

County Commission, District 11

State Attorney (open to Democratic voters only): Katherine Fernández RundleRod Vereen

School Board, District 5 (read about Broward School Board races here)

Proposed repeal of county pit-bull ban

Judicial races

Florida House, District 100

Florida House, District 108

Florida House, District 113

Congressional District 23

Congressional District 24

Congressional District 26


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Darrin E. McGillis

Please VOTE for change! At 7 AM the polls open and you, only YOU can cast a VOTE for change. Please try something new. “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” ― Albert Einstein www.NoTaxDarrin.com

Darrin E. McGillis

A new direction for Miami-Dade

Balancing budgets isn’t rocket science: It’s simple: Step 1: Don’t spend more money than you have. Step 2: Attract new businesses and new tax revenue. Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2. I’m Darrin McGillis and at 45 years old I filed to run for Miami Dade County Commission District 9. No politician should ever hold an elected office longer than two terms. The U.S. president, Florida’s governor and the Miami-Dade County mayor all have a two-term limit. Why is it that county commissioners get unlimited terms in office? It’s simple “corruption”, he who holds the gold makes the rules and in this case 13 commissioners for decades refused to do the right thing and set term limits. The incumbent for the seat I seek wants another term. Why after 20 years would an ethical politician want to hold office that the voters want term limits for? We only need to view his campaign finance reports of money raised (over $130,000), almost 95 percent from special interests, and almost none of the money raised came from actual residents of District 9. As the saying goes, “It’s all about the Benjamins.”

We need change, new blood, a new direction. I look forward to serving you the taxpayer, “my new boss” as the next county commissioner for District 9. I’ve made this pledge: "The corrupt can either go quietly or they can go loudly, but either way, they will go." Join me to end the image that “who you know is more important than what you know” when doing business with Miami-Dade County government. I will advocate for the removal of all slush funds that are presently granted to each commissioner. These funds are a multimillion dollar waste of your tax dollars and should be revoked immediately. They are nothing short of "legal" over the table payoffs. I want the best for Miami-Dade County — the lowest taxes and the best representation. Please vote on Aug. 14.

Darrin McGillis, Miami.

Eduardo A. Lombard

Predictions, Joe Martinez, new mayor. District 115 Michael Bileca, District 116 Jose Felix Diaz, Commissioner seat 11 Juan Zapata.

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