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ACLU claims Rick Scott is not telling some ex-felons they can vote

Florida has faced heat for how it handles restoring the rights of felons -- an issue with partisan and racial undertones. A disproportionate number of felons are black and blacks lean Democratic. Who has a right to vote is a pressing concern a few months before the Nov. 6 presidential election.  

The ACLU of Florida sent an email to supporters Aug. 3 sounding alarm bells and suggesting that thousands of ex-felons have been disenfranchised due to "suppression tactics" by the Legislature and Gov. Rick Scott. The headline of the email stated: "13,000 Floridians are able to vote -- but their governor won’t tell them." PolitiFact checks the ACLU's claim


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Joyce A. Ingrao

Typical Rick Scott format that he would place our state in another backward look on reality and life.He is in serious DENIAL of our states needs and what is realistic in the SOCIETY WE ARE LIVING IN NOW! It does make me upset to say the least that who is suppose to increase Florida's economic growth and uphold our Oath to the constitution of "JUSTICE FOR ALL" is not being heard nor intelligently reviewed. Rick Scott should feel ashamed when he places his head on his pillow at night.

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