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'Angry' Ozzie & 'Say-anything' Karen square off in brutal GOP battle to beat Debbie Wasserman Schultz

WASHINGTON -- There's a wide field of Republicans hoping to unseat U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who also serves as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, but so far, the candidates have spent more time bashing each other than the incumbent.

“We've clearly got a spirited primary on our hands here,” Richard DeNapoli, chairman of the Republican Party of Broward County, told a crowd earlier this summer when four of the candidates appeared in a debate.

The melee among the candidates was so eye-opening that veteran political reporter Michael Putney, who moderated one of the debates, wrote that sometimes their statements “bordered on the ludicrous, boorish and unhinged.”

The prize for taking off the gloves may go to Karen Harrington and Ozzie deFaria, the two frontrunners. Harrington, who lost to Wasserman Schultz by 22 points two years ago, sent voters a mailer calling opponent deFaria a “Democrat Dream Candidate,” and referenced 2005 and 2006 arrests over scuffles with his estranged wife's boyfriend. “Anger issues?” the flier reads. “Suited for Congress? Does he represent your values?”

deFaria countered with his own mailer to voters, featuring his ex-wife, Elaine Seibold: “While it was a mistake, it was completely understandable at the time. And they've both moved on and are now friends,” she said. Adds the mailer: “If Ozzie deFaria is willing to tell you about his imperfections, you know he'll be honest with you about fixing America's problems.”

Story is here.

Here's deFaria's newest ad:

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/08/08/2940919_to-republicans-wasserman-schultz.html#storylink=addthis#storylink=cpy


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Repbulican Wife and Voter

This guy de Faria is off his rocker. I never want him to represent me in any way shape or form. I think I would rather have DWS than him as a representative. And she makes me gag. I got the mailer with his family picture that includes his wife's boyfriend and his other wife and it seemed like something off the Jerry Springer show. Family values? I don't think so. All his commercials do is whine about her disclosing his criminal background and call her names. I am glad she did, or I never would have known. He does seem to have some anger issues and it would not surprise me if he did beat his wife. It's obvious he is unable to discuss the issues intelligently. At least Karen Harrington has some class and intelligence. She came to my door, seemed very informed and professional, and talked about the issues that matter to us. I really liked her. I even put a sign in my yard. I would NEVER vote for this Ozzie person and hope others don't either. He is so not a congressional level candidate and seems more suited to run for class president. DWS would crush him in a heartbeat! My vote is for Karen Harrington.

Maria Lima

Clearly the writer is not familiar with the Karen Harrington campaing!! Karen has challenged dizzy debbie at every turn, ON EVERY ISSUE! That is why she has received endorsements from Tea Party groups, and Conservative leaders NATIONWIDE, who realize that she is a resoundingly GOOD choice for Florida and our nation! That Karen received 38% of the vote in 2010..a VIRTUAL UNKNOWN ALMOST BEATING OUT A FIRMLY ENTRENCHED INCUMBENT..SPEAKS VOLUMES! DeFaria ignorantly tries to paint that as liability..it is FAR FROM THAT! KAREN HARRINGTON has cultivated her district, clearly defining herself as the Conservative choice over DWS, and has even gathered a national following of contributors and supporters who are aware that only she can FIREDEBBIE!! And she will!


deFaria did well in the debates that I attended. Karen was mostly a no show and was only 5 miles down the street when she missed the last debate. Donors more important than the people and attending a debate? Nope, not who I want to represent me in congress. Her campaign never talks about issues, just keeps doing the same smear over and over and over. Maybe cause Ozzie is a real conservative and she has nothing to call him out for and scared to debate him. We need better than Karen.

west coast guy

And you have better than Karen, and Ozzie. Vote for Debbie Wasserman Schultz!

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