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Bill Nelson launches Connie Mack-attack ads

With a neck-and-neck race and an array of third-party groups against him, there was no way Sen. Bill Nelson could let his opening ad buy not tear into Rep. Connie Mack. Get ready for months of scrapping, folks, as the battle to control the U.S. Senate is waged in the nation's most influential swing state.



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This is exactly why Little Lord Cornelius McGillicuddy IV can't win the general election, and why Republicans voters should look elsewhere for a candidate.

Larry Guest

There is a new web site targeting Nelson, launched by a group of unaffiliated political novices in Central Florida. The site is www.nixbillnelson.com and has a telling collection of stories about the two-faced Nelson

Gary Chadwick  NMB

Bill Nelson has looked the other way while the Constitution , Bill of Rights , Civil Rights and so much soldiers have fought and died for have been trampled on. He has been contact so many times concerning those incidents and has continually looked the other way. Does he deserve to be reelected for working and feeling that way. Is yours Next! Think


Connie Mack will never win. His past accomplishments are nil. He has not done one outstanding thing in his life except marry Sonny Bono's widow. What a joke.

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