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Boehner on RNC platform: never mind

House Speaker John Boehner met with reporters Monday, trying hard to remind everyone that the economy matters most.

He was asked about the convention, and whether 4 day conventions were a thing of the past. Republicans postponed major business scheduled for Monday because Tropical Storm Isaac threatened the region.

"Four day conventions for the future make a lot of sense," Boehner, R-Ohio,said.

He defended the party's positions on women's issues, saying, "there never was a war on women,'' and women, like men, care most about the economy.

He had praised for vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, recalling how Ryan worked for him 22 years ago when Ryan was a college student and worked in the campaign.

But Boehner's message, over and over, was that the convention and the election are about the economy. Don't even worry about what's in the platform, he said.

"Have you ever met anybody who's read the party platform?" Boehner asked. "I haven't meet anybody."

-- David Lightman


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Justice Chase

"I haven't 'meet' anybody"? "Meet"?!? Incredible... Absolutely incredible... Let me guess, Lightman, even you don't like to read your own news "stories." Or maybe the Miami Herald feels that your "reporting" isn't even worth revising because you can't polish a turd. Maybe tomorrow you can get an exclusive interview with that soda fountain that has over 100 cola flavors. You rookie.

d. brant

that's right - don't worry about what matters or for God's sake don't ask how all the promises will be met! That's our two party system and it is time to get off your high horse and get working! Don't change your mind like Romney did on abortion and gay rights. Romney is smart but also a strategist and our country needs more than the later. Religious values are are important to any family unit and the ten commandments will do for running the country's government - of the people, for the people and by the people..just in case anyone forgot. Romney is smart as all heck but guess don't trust his word...it's tiem for term limits - get rid of the talkers and repalce with doers.


Please No Crying/Fake Tears at the Convention Speaker Boner

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