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Bondi and Olens team up for a two-person punching session on Obama

Attorney General Pam Bondi teamed up with the Georgia attorney general for a two-person, six-minute rope-a-dope on Barack Obama Wednesday in the second night of the Republican National Convention. 

Bondi’s debut on the Prime Time national stage was a carefully scripted warning to the party faithful, suggesting that liberties will be lost if the president is re-elected and she renewed a call to repeal Obamacare. 

“The President can't bring himself to acknowledge publicly that the only reason his ‘Unaffordable Care Act’ still stands - is because it is a tax,’’ Bondi said. “This is what happens when a President has such total disregard for our individual liberty that he knowingly and purposely imposes unwarranted restrictions against the will of the people.” 

Bondi was joined on stage with Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens, two of the 26 states that challenged the federal health care law that the U.S. Supreme Court partially validated in June.

Their low-key presentation connected with the crowd, however, when they asked a series of questions:

“Do you want skyrocketing health insurance premiums?,'' Bondi asked. "No," the crowd shouted.

"Do you want enormous new financial burdens on young people who already shoulder our nation's crushing debt?,'' Olen asked. "No,'' the crowd answered.

“Do you want the government to force individuals and religious institutions to violate the tenets of their faith?,'' Bondi asked. "No,'' the crowd said again.

Olens acknowledged that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the law with the vote of Chief Justice John Roberts and Republicans “fundamentally disagree with his decision,’’ but, he added, “Chief Justice Roberts did observe that it is not the Supreme Court's ‘job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.’” 

Bondi then said: “It is our job to make a new choice. It is time to repeal Obamacare! It is time to stop those who ignore the Constitution when it's expedient!”

Bondi was scheduled to finish the evening on Fox News, as a guest on the 11:30 p.m. edition of Greta Van Susteren’s show, On the Record.


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I can hardly believe that Pam Bondi actually said this recently when talking about Obamacare. Bondi said, “It is our job to make a new choice. It is time to repeal Obamacare. It is time to stop those who ignore the Constitution when it’s expedient.” She should take a double dose of her own advice because she has no problem denying over 900,000 men and women in Florida their civil rights long after due process has been served. She has redefined due process and calls this justice.

Freedom has a price but should never have to be earned

Human beings have the natural inherent ability to change. This is one major attribute that separates us from animals. That change can only manifest itself if an opportunity is presented. To simplify this, a man in bondage will remain in bondage until an opportunity for change is presented. Wild animals behave the way they do by instinct for survival. Take away a man or woman’s freedom for any extended length of time and you will see similar survival characteristics appear. This survival mode is universal in humans as in animals. Ask any psychologist. The very nature of man was never made to live in bondage or oppression. You only need to look down through history and see how many acts of courage or you could say desperation of human struggle to live free and to be equal. This will never change. The cycle of survival is a continuous disposition or reaction when only confronted with lack of basic needs, bondage and oppression. The only thing that will break this vicious cycle is opportunity, opportunity of a better life free from physical harm, discrimination, persecution and slander. When a man stands over another with the intent of keeping them down long after a debt has been paid, diminishes the significance of what it means to be human. We are all in this human race together. Every human being deserves another chance in rebuilding their life. We call this grace. Where would the rest of us be without it?

I believe that all men and women are created equal, that every human being has worth; every human being is worthy of dignity, the dignity of a home, the dignity of the opportunity to earn a fair wage, the dignity to be heard and the dignity to live free from persecution. All people are created equal and have distinct unalienable rights bestowed upon them by our creator which includes life, independence and the opportunity to pursue happiness free from oppression.

There are approximately 5.5 million Americans living in this country who no longer have this prospect. This opportunity has been taken from them long after due process has been served. New laws have been put into place that are blocking this opportunity for them to start over and rebuild a new life. Most of them have been denied their civil rights for life and each year this number continues to grow. Florida is home to about one fifth of the ex-felons in this country who have paid their debt to society and are being told they must now earn these rights back. Out of approximately 900,000 of these men and women who are disenfranchised by the state of Florida only 78 had their rights restored last year by a non-elected Florida Executive Clemency Board.

The recidivism rate nation wide averages around 30%. Florida’s recidivism rate, as reported by Florida’s D O C records on May 10, 2010, was 51.8%. It has been documented in several studies that when civil rights have been restored to ex-felons that this recidivism rate is cut nearly in half. You may ask yourself what is Governor Rick Scott and Attorney Pam Bondi thinking? What is their overall agenda? Is it prolonged punishment after a sentence has been completed or is it rehabilitation and reintegration? With the disenfranchised number rising every year you have to wonder. The tax payers have a right to know. Gov. Scott and Pam Bondi have continued to block the efforts of civil rights organizations such as the ACLU and others to have these rights restored after due process has been completed. To deny civil rights and civil liberties in the name of justice has been recorded all through history but the test of time has always brought the truth of injustice to light. What do you think the legacy of these law makers will be? The price for freedom has already been paid and should never have to be earned. www.aarcr.org

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