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Bondi: RNC speech Wednesday night will be a 'entertaining' bash on Obama

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi told members of the Florida delegation Tuesday that she and Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens will be speaking at the Republican National Convention in a "give and take" style for eight minutes Wednesday night -- between 8:30 - 9 p.m.

As Florida's top headliner that night, Bondi said she'll focus on "the administration," and has been practicing for days. "We're doing a back and forth,'' she said. "We're hoping to be very entertaining."

Bondi's focus is likely to be on President Obama's Affordable Care Act, as one of the lead plaintiffs against the administration. She told the conventioneers that the health care lawsuit “won on two very important issues,” naming the provision that required to state to comply with the Medicaid provisions and rejected the notion that the act applied to states because of the U.S. Commerce Clause. 

She suggested that if Obama had sold the measure as a tax, "it would have never passed Congress. Now we know it is one of the largest taxes in our history…Now that we know it is a tax, we only need 51 votes in the Senate.”

She told the delegates that said that as a surrogate for Mitt Romney, and chairman of Romney for women, she has been focused lately on defending him against charges that he's hostile against women.

"I am sick and tired of hearing the Mitt Romney is a anti woman,'' she said. His chief of staff is a woman, he's hired many women to work for him, she said. "You have to spread the word. The Democrats are trying to do is trying to create distractions…Mitt is pro women. He 100 percent is, and we’re going to have the best first lady in the country."

She acknowledged that she "didn't have to focus on that until these comments came up,'' referring to U.S. Rep. Todd Akin's comment that women "rarely" get pregnant if they are victims of "legitimate rape."

But, she said, Obama's record has left 400,000 women without jobs and another 5.9 women are unemployed. Women who criticize Romney "don't fully understand the issues."