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Charlie Crist endorses Barack Obama. Is DNC speaking role next?

On the cusp of the Republican National Convention that he helped bring to his home of Tampa Bay, former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist goes all in for Democrat Barack Obama in a Tampa Bay Times editorial.

It's looks like yet another indication that Crist, an independent, plans on becoming a Democrat and running for governor. The next sign: Whether he gets a speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

In some ways, Obama owes Crist, who literally and figuratively embraced the president's stimulus plan in 2009 in Fort Myers when the rest of the Republican party was busy trashing it. Aside from being a political opportunist (Obama was popular at the time), Crist was being honest. He knew the Republican Legislature would have to take the money and that the state needed it to prevent deep budget cuts and state-worker layoffs. Every governor knew it. That's why they all took nearly all of the stimulus money.

But only Crist went on stage. It made for good general-election politics at the time, but bad primary politics in 2010, when Marco Rubio chased him out of the GOP and beat him in the U.S. Senate race.

From Crist's Tampa Bay Times op-ed:

I’ve studied, admired and gotten to know a lot of leaders in my life. Across Florida, in Washington and around the country, I've watched the failure of those who favor extreme rhetoric over sensible compromise, and I've seen how those who never lose sight of solutions sow the greatest successes.

As America prepares to pick our president for the next four years — and as Florida prepares once again to play a decisive role — I'm confident that President Barack Obama is the right leader for our state and the nation. I applaud and share his vision of a future built by a strong and confident middle class in an economy that gives us the opportunity to reap prosperity through hard work and personal responsibility. It is a vision of the future proven right by our history.

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maria little


Frustrated independent

Crist is a good and honest guy - always has been. If GOP can't value people like him, they won't have much to offer to Americans. In these coming elections, I am going to stick with Obama, although I personally disagree with some of his policies. However, the GOP does not bring to the table any solutions, but obstructions and negativity.


To quote Ronald Reagan: Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago? The answer is absolutely not. Obama and the Dems have not produced a budget in 4 years. This is no way to run a country. If you take the time to research, you'll see the Republican House has tried to move forward much legislation that has been blocked by the Senate. And the VP Candidate..Ryan..has produced a budget plan for all to see. All we've gotten from Obama is debt and a government grab of Healthcare which if you recall was and is still overwhelmingly not the choice of most Americans. Crist may be an honest guy but is out of his mind to support this guy over Romney. Go see the movie 2016 and understand what is really happening in this country.

Truth guy

@Patriot. Since you are talking about fiscal responsibility. Tell me who was the last republican president who balance the budget? And if you voted for bush, who took us to two unpaid and unfounded wars, you have absolutely nothing to complain about. I believe your vp supported all the stimulus by bush no? Check your fact before you speak, and don't disguise your racism through your nonsense. You people are the reason we are in this mess in the first place. They activate you through dog whistle and every time is work, but not this time. Take a mitts job creation record from when he was governor. What do you see? What about Bain ?

PEter Schorsch

The courage -- and danger -- of Charlie Crist's endorsement of Barack Obama


Gary Szolosi

Christ is a two time loser. His first was the last election and second was his endorsement of a failed administration. Who care what this moron says!

Real Truth

This isn't about helping Obama, or about doing the right thing---it is about what Charlie thinks is best for him.

Robert Jenkins

Patriot; seriously? You are not better off than you were four years ago? I, as a long time Republican must then ask you about personal responsibility!!! Everyone, and I mean everyone I know, has nearly "fully" recovered from the devastation caused in large part to "The Bush Agenda" and it's resulting fallout. The $390,000.00 I lost,in personal worth; has nearly been recovered. I had to short sell a couple of properties, to a friend; but the resulting "business" losses, were deducted and the pain was not as bad as it could have been. F.D.I.C. covered losses I suffered at three failed banks; and lawsuits settled with the corupt bankers nearly made me whole. So yes, "I'm" much better off than when President Obama took office. "MUCH" better; not quite whole, yet my 80% recovery, will keep me from voting for The Rom/Ryan Express backwards running train of thought. So cry in your beer/champagne, or what ever you can afford now. As some or most Americans can say, "we" the people have at least in part are "much" better off under this President than the last!!!!!!!


Well said Robert!

Eric G.

I love how Republican voters let an Elephant crap in the White House for 8 years and now they give the guy with the broom 3.5 years to clean it up.


Crist demonstrates why he lost to Rubio. He is a headline grabbing phony.

John Snedeker

What a surprise! Charlie Crisp doing the predictable- would have been perfect in the Burt Reynolds role in "Strip Tease" - a perfect example of a shiny empty suit.


Yeah, Robert sounds like a "long time republican" -- are you freakn' kidding me. As Patriot has pointed out, Obama and his senate have not produced a budget since taking office. The guy is either cavorting with celebrities, golfing, or fundraising. What happened to him going through the budget "line-by-line" and getting rid of the waste? The guy does not do any heavy lifting, folks, and all he does is villify anyone else who has the integrity and leadership to propose an alternative to the fiscal cliff Obama has got us going down. And I won't make any excuses for Bush -- he spent way too much by starting the monstrosity known as homeland security as well as that medicare prescription money pit. Anyway, really, how can anyone defend what has been going on these past 3 1/2 years, the lousy way they passed that healthcare takeover. He's completely ignoring the unsustainable debt our social programs already are in and creates a massive new one, stealing money from the already bankrupt medicare for his new fiasco. This incompetent socialist cannot be replaced fast enough. I hope there are enough taxpaying citizens of the dreaded private sector who are smart enough to make this boob go away in November.


I'm better off than I was four years ago. I'm paying less in taxes, my credit cards are easier to pay off, my wife now has free contraceptive care, my kids can stay on my health insurance plan, I'm proud to say we have a president who ended Don't Ask Don't Tell and endorsed gay marriage.

All this despite a Republican-led Congress that has made it its mission to prevent any progress at all in the name of pushing Obama out of office. A Congress that would rather see the U.S. default on its loans than add one penny of tax revenue from millionaires and billionaires.

The real questions is... under Romney, who will be better off in four years. The answer: people like Romney. The rest of us will have their crap trickle down onto our heads.


@ Eric... what I love even more is how Obama promised, and lefties like you believed, he was the "one", the messiah and would fix all ills... BUT once elected immediately started the whine that it would take MORE time, just like you did here.. Obama wrote checks with his mouth that you bought, and he could not cash them .. now you lefties whine that expectations were too high, unfairly so, shame on you for buying Obama's BS...


Yeah max, look at all those goodies your president gave you. Pay no attention to the 5.5 TRILLION dollars in debt we went into to pay for this crap. Wake up, son.


@Truth guy - Way to play the race card. It's where liberals go when they have no facts. FYI, Bush passed no stimulus. He passed TARP, intended to rescue the housing market and prevent the collapse of the entire economy. Even your hero Obama supported it. Then Obama turned it into a slush fund to reward favored democrat groups like Unions. Then he wasted another trillion dollars on a failed stimulus that got not a single republican vote. He hasn't produced a single budget or netted a single new job. All he's done is drive my great grandchildren into debt, reward his cronies and divide the country. Crist is an untrustworthy, opportunistic clown. He will make a fine democrat.


How stupid can Robert and those agreeing with him be? What planet are these idiots from?


Patriot is correct. Here are some Facts to support his case:


Crist - doing nothing here but continuing to prove himself to be a political opportunist piece of crap.


Posted by: Maxwell | August 26, 2012 at 09:14 AM

Max, after reading your post, I have to say that I'm glad your wife gets free contraception too - maybe it'll prevent you from passing on your stupidity any further. Thank you in advance for not procreating any more.


The unemployment rate was 4.9% when the Democrats took full control of both the house and senate in 2006 running un a "culture of corruption" and a jobless recovery. They all supported Bush's spending binges and INCREASED spending for the next two years under Bush when in power. When Obama won the Presidency the Democrat party had FULL control - and what did they do? Double the unemployment rate all while STILL SPENDING above and beyond anything Bush did - and much of it on their pet projects. The "stimulus" so many on the left are fond of went to cronies and constituencies that support Democrat politicians. Not nearly enough went to anything meaningful - which is why we are still above 8% when Biden insured us two years ago we'd never go past 8%. No, the Democrats brought us to 10% at one point. So, stop all this disingenuous blaming of the previous administration for this current administrations woes. It's been four years. Cut the crap, already! You didn't hear Bush blaming the previous administration for 9/11 and that happened just 9 months into his term. Face it! You had four years in power - two of those will complete control and you blew it.


Eat S**t Charley I was going to call Morgan and Morgan on Monday But I will make another choice so you can very happily F**k off Now that he has come out for Gay rights you can divorce your beard you are a spineless POS


Go!!!!Charlie Go!!! You have done the right thing. The Singh family st.pete


Robert is about as Republican as those women in that latest Obama ad. Which is to say not Republican at all.


Crist demonstrates that there are Floridians that can see through the smoke and mirrors of the RomneyRyan double-talk..."we have to destroy Medicare in order to save it"


I should not that it took me a moment to remember who Crist was and then it dawned on me. He's a loser with a lot of sour grapes to suck on.


Crist is a political opportunist with a terrible sense of timing. He backed Giuliani until he fell in the polls then stabbed him in the back in order to have a shot at a Vice Presidency he never got but we remember what he did. He then backs Obama's programs before the GOP primary for Senate because he thinks its good for the general election that he never made it to because he took the primary for granted. Now he goes all in for Obama when Florida looks like it will go for Romney.

His vaguely stated reasons for why the middle class will do better under Obama's program ignores the reality that his higher taxes, higher spending,more regulation, punting the entitlements problem down the road and even more debt because the Democrats eschew the fiscal discipline of passing a budget are not exactly stimulants to private sector investment and job creation. The Romney Ryan plans to invigorate off shore and public land energy exploration, to allow markets to pick winners and losers rather than selectively bankrupting business sectors like the coal industry, to regulate with a lighter hand rather than use the government bureaucracy to reward or punish cronies or enemies, and to forthrightly put forward realistic plans for dealing with an unsustainable entitlements system have a much greater historical record of producing greater general prosperity.

When Romney wins, once again Christ will find he jumped on the wrong wagon at the wrong time once again.

Robert Jenkins

Is it your contention that President Obama strarted the monstrosity known as D.H.S.? Nothing more needs said to that obvious deullsion. D.H.S., T.A.R.P.,To Big to fail; were as you obviously are iggnorant of started under the Bush Administration!!! So the words of a "FOOL" can and should be ignored as the lies or words of a fool should be!!! Nuff said to DrewinASS!!!


Why don't you read my post more closely, robert -- I said BUSH started DHS and explained how I though it was WRONG. You seize on a supposed gaff on my part, but make NO ATTEMPT to defend your hero's record. And he is making no attempt either by making his campaign about Romney's tax returns and Bain and Seamus the dog. What a fraud. It must be tough backing a guy with no ideas and no clue. Take off the partisan blinders you, "former long-time republican".


Christ is not an never has been a Republican.
Christ is an has always been a typical politician that will say or be anything to win. Can't trust somebody that is unable to find what he truly believes or who he is.

Supporting Obama is a mistake for Christ and more important, a huge mistake for the country.

Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Obama has been a disaster for the country and has an agenda to destroy the country from within.

Hy Feiber

Jesus Crist, Charlie's such a Putz!

Robert Jenkins

I'm guessing Patriot's nieghbor ask for thier paper back; as Patriot obviosly can't afford his own copy!!! LOL Now he is on his Child's government provided laptop. burning up the "free" data minutes provided by the government, to spew his dellusional thoughts. Then Drewinass chimes in, with his nonsensical musings.Crist is as honest as a politician in flux can be. See what bothers me most of rabid republican's is this; They know what they think they are against; yet they have no idea on how to correct the situation!!! Remember these United States became a "Debtor Nation? in 1985, that's 1985!!!! That for the challenged Flroriduh edumacted republicant's is 27 years ago. Oh by the way; Who or whom was President in 1985? Again Nuff said to fools who would not know truth if the saw, heard, or read it!!!


drew, you forgot the farm bill and the transportation bill under Bush.

Leftists always point at Bush while ignoring the fact that Obama has done the same on steroids. Always puzzles me, because if Bush was so bad, why is Obama doing exactly the same thing?

Finally, while I knew Obama was going to be bad, I never blamed anyone for voting for Obama. The GOP spent way too much money and deserved to be kicked out of office.

However, anyone who votes for Obama this time around is a fool.


Crist is a lobbyist now? Working for some ambulance chasing law firm? Or is he doing hair commercials? He didn't quit the republican party - the voters FIRED him! Remember, he lost the INDEPENDENTS and the DEMOCRATS!!!


I am always amazed at how the Democrat-run Congress had no power or responsibility for any of the horrible Bush travesties that occurred during 2001-2008, but now half of it, the Republican-run one (since 2010), alone bears full authority and responsibility for all the bad stuff that has happened since 2008.

It almost looks like wherever Republicans are in control is the seat of accountability and blame, and wherever Democrats are in control is completely ineffectual... but always right in 20/20 hindsight.

Our current President is a perfect example - unable to do anything because he does not control BOTH houses of Congress, while his predecessor basically ran the whole country (if not the world) to hell while NEVER having a compliant Congress.

Those Republicans sure know how to kick ass and take names, huh?

Robert Jenkins

Yes Drew, I understand what you said of the D.H.S. and the prescription debacle; my obviously missed reference was that; they were all and still are a huge problem. One that can't be ignored or put off as "Well it happened then; but what is being done about it now mindset". If I start a fire, can I blame the Fire Department for the damage that came from my own actions? Again foolishness, indeed!!! Now many on the Collier County Republican Executive Committee; admit in part to the terrible judgements made under the Bush Doctrine; yet the say; the remain Republican first and American's second. As they "still" believe that "trickle down" economics is the only way to go. Admittidly it needs some tweaks; but it "can" work with the right people in Congress and the White House. Again foolishness; just plain foolishness. The reason I left the CCREC was that they actually demanded that any member sign a Loyalty Oath, stating "We" would not support anything or anybody other than "Republicants". I ask; what if the republicant running was not the best candidate? I was then told to stop being a R.I.N.O. and get in line.


Crist has his head hopelessly stuck up his butt and so do you Obama fans who either don't see or don't care about the havoc (instead of recovery) that Obama has caused and about the direction he is taking this country,


Robert is clearly dishonest or a dolt.


Hey Max: since I'll be paying for your wife's pills, how about you buy my beer from now on, K?


Charlie Crist is smarmy - he has a creepy quality that reminds me of John Edwards. Why it is that Democrats are attracted to these kinds of politicians I can't understand.

So now the Dems will throw a three day convention focused on their trumped up "War On Women" meme, and without any sense of irony they'll have Bill Clinton featured. If that doesn't prove how cynical the Dems are, it shows how desperate they are to change the subject from what Obama has done. It also proves they think the voters are entirely ignorant. Pathetic.


...And Obama benefits from an endorsement by a grasping, shallow, (but tall), Oompa-Loompa, how, exactly?

Robert Jenkins

I wonder how one can look to the state of the state of the Florida econonmy and it's long controled republican leadership; and cite any kind of philosophy of success? Should "America" follow Floriduh's example of "efficeint governmental policy"? This "Over The Cliff" thing coming in January; is a direct result of Republican enginering on the debt ceiling negociations. Remember Boner's remarks afterwards saying, "We got 98% of our demands" and "now" they are blaming President Obama, for the impending and disasterous coming results? Again, Foolishness at the hieght of foolishness!!!

Jim Malmstrom

Crist has proven himself to be an opportunist to the bitter end. Charlie Crist ALWAYS does what Charlie Crist can benefit from most.

Robert Jenkins

I'm niether dishonest nor a dolt; seriously, is that the best you can come up with? LOL Tell me, if you will, what shining examples of Republican policy, one can you point to and say; if we had done this; the crash resulting from the Bush Agenda, would have been averted? Or is it your contention that President Obama's continuation of the failed policies as to the record number of filibusters is some how the "real" problem we face as a country?


from hotair
"Beyond the appalling timing of this move, Crist now professes his support for Barack Obama despite spending his entire political career bashing the political agenda that Obama advances. Crist in 2010 said ‘I don’t agree with the guy on hardly anything he does.’

Crist, who declared himself a ‘pro-life’ ‘Ronald Reagan Republican,’ is on the record opposing the national healthcare mandate of ObamaCare. On another signature issue for Democrats, gay marriage, Charlie Crist ‘cheerfully’ supported the Christian Coalition’s petition calling for an amendment to Florida’s Constitution banning gay marriage and civil unions.

For Crist to pull this Obama stunt while the Florida faces a hurricane only proves Charlie Crist cares about just one thing: Charlie Crist."


2008 financial crisis was do to sub prime loans and the bundling of them threw freddie and fannie mac which are govt backed into mortgage backed securities and then sold to big banks.It was programs that were passed by previous congresses well before bush that led to the collapse. Also President Obama had to yrs of control of a dem house and senate and could have done anything he wanted. The people didnt like what they saw doing so they change that in 2010 to stop him


A new Arlen Specter? Mr. Crist should remember that his usefulness to the Democrats will be exactly the usefulness Arlen Specter served.

Anyone remember poor old Arlen?


yea and Pennsylvania voted him out thank goodness

John Golden

To say Crist is a political opportunist is to disparage opportunists everywhere. I'm surprised Crist doesn't have mold on his fingers from wetting them to judge the 'political winds'. He is the epitome of a sore loser.

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