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CNN/Time: Obama 50%, Romney 46% thanks to huge gender, minority gap

A new Time/CNN/Opinion Research poll in Florida shows President Obama leading Mitt Romney by four points among likely voters, 50% to 46%.

"Obama's edge in Florida is bolstered by women voters, among whom he's beating Romney, 54%-42%, and by nonwhite voters, with whom he boasts a 70%-29% advantage. There are signs the incumbent is stitching together the same demographic coalitions that helped him capture Florida's 29 electoral votes four years ago."

Romney leads among voters 65+ 51 percent to 45 percent, and Obama leads among women 54 percent to 42 percent and among independents 46 percent to 45 percent. The margin of error is plus or minus 3.5 percent.


Posted by Adam C. Smith


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Obama 50%, Romney 46%
that seems about right... the average of all of the polls I've seen shows Obama with a good small consistent lead vs. a slow, troubled, romney

Peter Holsaple

Wow, another mainstream media garbage news just showing how crappy they are at creating illusions! Who cares about Romney or Obama? They are exactly the same. Let´s talk about Ron Paul instead, you creep. Grow up.

END THE FED =<--- Let´s talk about this, but you don´t have enough courage for that.

Daniel Phelan

Romney told Americans to look at his experience at Bain as proof of him being better on the economy. That turned out to be a bad idea. Now he wants Obama to apologize for using the Bain off shoring of jobs against him. OUch! Oh poor Mitt Flop! How are you going to flip out of this one? Question for Mitt "Let Detroit Fail" Romney:

How is a giving tax cut to a Wall Streeter who peddles exotic financial derivatives creating jobs for America?

Look, Jon Huntsman called him the well-lubricated weathervane. Rick Perry, among others, has called him a vulture. More than one senior figure in his party has accused him of lying. Several GOP primary opponents said he cheated in dirty campaign ads. A growing list of Republicans have called on him to disclose his tax returns. Primary opponents warned he could be hiding harmful truths therein. His own staff called him the Etch A Sketch candidate. These are serious charges. They come from Republicans.

Quick Mitt! Move to China, where you still have friends. After all, you did give em our jobs!

No but really America. It's time we get up, listen up and grow up. This election is very important.

If you have Social Security, Medicare, the right to vote, the right to an education, a clean park or a lake near you or an FDIC insured place to put your money. If you were given a disability check or a wheel chair ramp into the store you buy your food, if you like safe bridges, clean drinking water, clean air and a nontoxic environment, if you feel safe when you fly, or eat out, or give your child a toy, then it's time you give liberals and "regulations" the credit they deserve.

President Obama's record:
Saved the US economy from collapse.
Saved the US auto industry.
Reformed healthcare bringing coverage to people with preexisting conditions.
Stood up bravely for the gay community.
Ended the war in Iraq.
Helped bring down Qaddafi in Libya.
Killed Bin Laden.

Barrack Obama isn't perfect, but he is a thousand times the man Romney will ever be. This time around, Obama and Democrats get my vote, the choice is simple.

For the love of country and all people; register to vote and vote as much as you can!


Have people forgotten what happened just four to eight years ago when Republicans had control? Is that what people want to happen again. Less government controls and regulations so the banks and wall street can get us into another mess. How about another war? If you vote Republican- ask yourself- who are my voting buddies? And what do they have to gain? KKK, Arian Society, Extreme religious right and of course the rich tied to big corporations. Small business owners have a complaint, but they should check out what good has happened for them under the Obama administration. Day one the Republicans vowed to make Obama's administration a one term and have done everything they can to obstruct him. Go figure the TEA Party people. They go against their best interests. What does the Republican party offer to YOU??? And what does it offer for BIG CORPORATIONS???


Republicans have shown themselves to be anti-women, anti-non-anglo immigrant. They are being funded by the folks that made a killing while our economy collapsed (because of their policies), by the Koch brothers (sons of a John Birch Society founder) and by a nutso international Casino Mogul.

All they're selling is fear, hatred, distortion, distraction and division. Who, in the right mind, would support these guys??


Over 8% unemployment. Highest deficit spending ever. Failed green jobs inchoative millions of dollars wasted. Fails to enforce laws that does not fit his agenda. Yea we sure need more of that for our children to have to deal with in their future

Fareed Ansari

Shut Down the RNC convention.

1.) The weather might cause a cancellation anyway.
2.) Some of the 50,000 RNC conventioneers can then fill sand bags, and perform civil service, that would be a support, also needed PR for the GOP that has lost its' human face.
3.) Local areas will certainly sustain serious damage and possible death.
4.) Local areas will have homes and buildings with "blue Plastic tarps" on what is left of their roofs.
5.) There will be lines of Floridians requiring shelters, water, and basic survival needs.
6.) This would not be a good contrast with the convention in full celebratory mode, while Floridians are suffering in state of emergency.
7.) The message would be loud and clear, that the GOP put people first, even though they are corporations my friend.
8.) Isaac could be a Blessing, or a continued curse to the GOP. The choice is clear for those who have eyes to see.
9.) Isaac like all other obstacles is an opportunity for Americans to stand up, and be counted, and come to the aid of their countrymen.
10.) Those in the know have begun evacuation in the Florida Panhandle, Mississippi and Louisiana.
11.) Mitt The Twitt and Lying Ryan need to report for duty in Tampa immediately.



Why should any of the 800,000 unemployed or the million plus underemployed or any of their familly or friends vote for Obama?


(Chirping crickets)


@Peter Holsaple - So you're pissed off that the Miami Herald wrote a small article on polling results featuring the only two major candidates running for President currently in one of the largest swing states?

Why is that garbage? Why should this article be about Ron Paul? I'm failing to understand why the information relevant to the national election coming up soon is trash, but articles on a politician who lost in the primary and is NOT running as an Independent are at all relevant.

Should they write articles on Rick Santorum and Hillary Clinton as well, to keep with your theme of writing about people who aren't running and aren't the nominee?


So all I hear from everyone is what Dems or Republicans did wrong, so I'm voting for the other guy. I'd love to hear what any of them did right. Let me help you with that, not much. Think for yourself once in a while and choose someone who will actually work for you. I'm not trying to promote anyone, each person should make their own choice by what a candidate can do not what the other guy can't, did or didn't do.

Am couple example...
We all know Romney is a big business guy who supports big companies and their push for profit.
Obama used green energy and stimulus moneys to push business to donors and friends.


Don't forget gals, Romney's little sidekick Ryan is even WORSE than the candidate himself ... from another article "Ryan has repeatedly voted against bills to ensure women equal pay for equal work, even voting against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which was the first bill that Obama signed into law."
Now if we could get the seniors in FL to actually THINK, Florida will be sewn up! Obama/Biden 2012!

Alex Rose

I voted Obama in 2008, no way will I vote for him again. No other president has been so divisive—this man doesn't know the meaning of bipartisan. He would rather go golfing than work with congress to reach agreements. His wife flies around the world taking the girls on Spring break vacations staying at only the most expensive Hotels, all at Tax payers expense.. Then they talk about Romney for their houses.
Romney's not perfect, but man, Obama is an egomaniac determine to bring this country down to another loser socialist Europe state—WAKE up people Don't vote party line—vote conscience. Most of us who voted Obama, don't feel the same excitement. After all, the synonym for Obama is Socialism.

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