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Connie Mack links Akin's 'legitimate rape' with Biden's 'chains.' What about 'forcible rape?'

Florida Senate candidate Connie Mack joined the GOP chorus in condemning the remarks of fellow GOP Congressman Todd Akin, who had said he opposes rape-and-incest exceptions to an abortion ban because pregnancy is nearly impossible in cases of "legitimate rape."

But Mack didn't stop there. He drew a link with Vice-President Joe Biden's "put y'all in chains" comment last week, which many (mainly Republicans) see as race-baiting.

The press release:

Responding to outrageous and offensive comments made in the past week by Vice President Joe Biden and Representative Todd Akin, Congressman Connie Mack made the following statement:

"Like Joe Biden's comments last week, I find Todd Akin's comments made Sunday to be just as outrageous and offensive. Such insulting and offensive remarks from Joe Biden and Todd Akin have no place in our political discourse."

Mack, incidentally, was one of 277 cosponsors (almost all Republican, including Akin) of H.R. 3, No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act. One version of the act used the phrase "forcible rape." Abortion-rights groups objected strenuously. And now they're drawing a connection between the "forcible rape" phrase and "legitimate rape." DNC Chair/Broward Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz linked GOP vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan with the bill and Akin's remarks last night.

Obviously, more to come.


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What someone needs to ask Rep. Akin is what he counts and doesn't count as "legitimate rape". I'm pretty sure he was using the term to mean a concept like "real" rape.

It would be most interesting to hear whether Akin counts things like date rape and seduction and abuse of boys (a la Penn State's Sandusky and various and sundry Catholic priests) as "legitimate rape" instead of in some lesser category of sex crimes.

BTW, here in Florida we don't even have a crime called "rape" in the statutes anymore. Haven't for years. We call it "sexual battery" and it has lots of degrees of seriousness.


People who run for public office should be more careful what they say. Their words can inflame public opinion, hurt unnecessarily or just be downroghjt obnoxious. Akin's words are a good example. Joe Biden's blatant race-baitin is another. Both need to go. NOW!

Just Me

Using the atrocious statements of Akin to throw in a dig about Biden is plane stupid. There is no comparison between the two. Akin's statement was vicious, derogatory and frightening where Biden's was simply dumb.

Maria Jose

Connie Mack is such a loser. He is dumber than dirt.


I agree with Maria. Mack is a complete loser. Bringing in anything about Biden on responding to Akin shows what a scumbag he is.

Sonya Urnowey

Connie Mack is an idiot. He is the only person I know that took 7.5 years to finish a four-year degree at UF. I am tired of the pampered rich.


It is true that Little Lord Fauntelroy ... er, I mean, Cornelius McGillicuddy IV, is not even close to being the brightest bulb in the closet, the sharpest knife in the drawer, or the best Republican to be running against Bill Nelson. And I am not a fan of the children of well-regarded politicians who feel somehow entitled to inherit an elective office.

But it was good of the little lord to tie Joe Biden's comments to the comments from the idiot R in Missouri.

That is because our overlords--from both parties, who are only there because of their membership in the elite ruling class--are finally attacking each other based on the idiotic comments the degenerate children of our overlords are prone to make.

This is the first step in demonstrating to the average American voter that the ruling class, and their silly children, are the appropriate targets of our common outrage.


Connie Mack is a slow witted Teabagger. The Teabaggers have dumbed down the entire GOP. Can you believe that this idiots ramblings are hardly a rare case, many House Teabaggers subscribe to this asinine theory that Rape victims don't get pregnant. I think that the US Congress is not the place to get an education. I prefer the old fashioned well educated types as my leaders. The Republicans are happy with Hillbilly Hand Fishing in the House chambers. They put Michelle Bachmann on the House "Intelligence" committee and this goober Rep Akin is on the House "Science" committee. That should tell you enough about the Republican party to scare the Bejesus out of you. These guys are not worthy of our Government.

Susan Anderson

Commie Mack is a "slow witted Teabagger"! To mention VP Biden in relationship to Akin's remarks is beyond stupid. Biden's remarks were accurate. If Banks are "unchained" Americans would be "chained" to more, and more debt, just as occurred during Bush era and caused much of our economic decline. Where do these Teabagger Rats crawl out from, because it is like an blight on our Country to have them running around, mindless and evil!

Saving Florida's Future

MACK IV co-sponsored many anti abortion Bills in Congress including the following:

Prohibiting Taxpayer Funding of Abortion bill which passed in the Republican controlled House - co-sponsored by Akin, & Ryan. While there were exceptions for Rape; Incest; or the life of the woman is at risk; a version of that bill contained the language "forcible rape" to parse what constituted a rape in the first place.

To Amend Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to Prohibit Abortion Coverage

Prohibiting Taxpayer Funding of Abortion

Prohibiting Use of Federal Funds For Planned Parenthood

Prohibiting Federally Funded Abortion Services

Substitute Health Care and Insurance Law Amendments

Abortion Pain Bill

Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act (S 403)

Foreign Operations and Export Finance Appropriation Act

Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act (HR 748)

post via Beachpeanuts
"Mack Cosponsored "Forcible Rape" Bill With Akin, Who He Now Criticizes"


John N Florida

We need to understand where Akin was 'coming from' when he used the term 'Legitimate Rape'. 'Legitimate Rape' is a euphemism for 'Forcible Rape' as defined in the Stupak Amendment to HR 3, the same amendment EVERY Republican in the House, including Mack, voted to support.
WHY is this important?
Because, under the Stupak Amendment only cases of Forcible Rape qualify for Federal Funding for Abortions. If you weren't 'forced', it wasn't rape - get the connection?
Incest is seldom forced. Most Statutory Rape cases are not forced. If you're coerced in to compliance, you weren't forced.
The Biological BS is like the old Innocence Test. Under that test you were thrown in to the water. If you drowned, you were innocent. If you floated, you were guilty or lying.
If you get pregnant from a rape, OBVIOUSLY you weren't 'raped' since your body 'prevents' that type of impregnation.
If you don't get pregnant, then you WERE raped.
At the bottom line, it's about the money not the woman. The rest is justification for denying the money.

John N Florida

While referring to Biden's remarks, Mack left out (on purpose) any condemnation now, or then, when Santorum used the word 'chains' during a speech back in the Republican Primary.
Akin's 'CRIME' was saying out loud what the party, as a whole, believes.
THEY won't talk about it because they know they need the women's votes to win.


Connie Mack is an ignorant mouthpiece. The truth is:
Missouri congressman far from being a lone voice on issue
JewishWorldReview.com | (MCT) "The question of rape always stirs the emotions whenever it is introduced into the abortion debate," Dr. Fred Mecklenburg wrote in 1972. "Unfortunately, the emotional impact of rape often clouds the real issues and the real facts."
Mecklenburg — an assistant clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Minnesota Medical School at the time — could not have known how prescient his words would feel 40 years later.
While U.S. Rep. Todd Akin cited only "doctors" as his source of information about the rarity of pregnancy resulting from rape, it is two pages, from Mecklenburg's 1972 article, "The Indications for Induced Abortion: A Physician's Perspective," that have influenced two generations of anti-abortion rights activists hoping to build a medical case to ban all abortions without exception.
In Mecklenburg's original article, he wrote that pregnancy resulting from rape "is extremely rare," and cited as an example the city of Buffalo, N.Y., which had not seen "a pregnancy from confirmed rape in over 30 years." Other cities — Chicago, Washington, St. Paul — also had experienced lengthy spells without a rape-caused pregnancy, ...

John N Florida

This isn't just about Connie Mack. EVERY member of the Florida House who is a Republican voted for the Stupak Amendment which defines this kerfuffle.
The only difference between Akin and, say, a Vern Buchanan is, Akin said it out loud. Buchanan HOPES you won't make the connection.
EVERY Republican House Candidate should be asked,
a. do you support Akin
b. did you vote for the law defining Forcible Rape (HR 3)
c. Did you vote FOR the Stupak Amendment to HR 3?

On their votes, from the legislative record I KNOW they all did, so they're either going to lie or obfuscate.
On Akin, ask them how their position is different from Akin since they supported the same law.
PIN 'EM DOWN! Don't let them throw you off with brilliant BS while evading the question.
That's really a job for the reporters but..........


It is interesting to me how both sides of the partisan divide are pouncing on "gaffes." Would anything be made of either Biden or Akin if there was no political hay to be made?

A Tea Partier is going to listen to any Biden or Obama speech and pronounce it to be one long "gaffe." I don't think that a guy like Akin is capable of giving a speech that does not offend us on the left.

If most any gaffe is a "Kinsley Gaffe," that is "when a politician tells the truth," what exactly do these "gaffes" reveal about the candidates? Their respective parties?

Unchaining Wall Street is going to put the rest of us back in chains? If you believe, like I do, that politicians are working more in the interest of the wealthy than for the electorate, this sounds perfectly reasonable to me. Don't like the way he said it, but Biden's heart was in the right place.

Where exactly was Akin's heart? Seems to me to be a cast the first stone kind of mentality. One that criminalizes the victim. An attitude that is all too common in areas of the world where liberal democractic values have not taken hold. Do American REALLY want to return to that? Can they return to that and maintain their innocence? Are American's stupid enough for this kind of innocent CRUELTY?


Talk about a wimpy bait and switch attempt at trying so feebly to get himself out of the mess he made for himself, he instead digs deeper and deeper. I am thrilled that some in our party have called this misogynistic out for his disgusting comments about women being raped. God has a special place for dolts like him and it is not going to be pleasant for him to try to explain his misogynist comment to his Maker who created women also.

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