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Down with women, Hispanics, RNC’s Priebus talks ground game, ‘bragging’ strategy

The latest CNN/Time Florida poll shows President Obama leading Republican Mitt Romney 50-46%, a Democrat lead bolstered by a 54-42% edge among women and a big lead among minorities. That’s on top of a Quinnipiac Florida poll that showed Obama leading Romney 49-46%, in which Hispanics favor the Democrat over the Republican 61-31%.

Yet the Republican National Committee’s big speakers, by and large, are Hispanics and women. What gives?

“We’ve had a lot of success with Hispanic candidates,” said Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus. “We’ve done a lousy job of bragging on it. And we need to do a better job of bragging on the successes that we’ve had….”

“You have to at least give us that right now in 2012, our topline messaging, we’re in a much better place today than we were four years ago. We know that… We know that we’re in a much better place. We know that we’ve got better messengers in our party today than in 2008 – whether it be (Florida Sen.) Marco (Rubio), (New Mexico Gov.) Susana Martinez, (Nevada Gov.) Sandoval. One of the guys we don’t brag up enough: (Gov.) Luis Fortuño in Puerto Rico. So we’ve got better message,  better messengers…”

“Our job is to put this army on the ground. And the army on the ground is by communicating and targeting Hispanic voters, that we would have victory directors that are focused in on Hispanic operations in Florida, that we would have victory centers in Kissimmee and Hialeah, that when it comes to vote goals and absentee-ballot mail that we would say ‘Listen in Kissimmee, we want you to get 2,000 AB ballots in the mail this week, 2,500 the next week.’ My point is, what we do is we build up the army on the ground and that goes to both the Hispanic community, the Greek community, females, men, everybody. And I just think we’re in a better position today.”


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According to the Heritage Foundation another blanket amnesty comparable to what took place in 1986, the cost would be phenomenal, at an outlay of $2.6 trillion dollars from the inception to the end of processing. This cost would be once again forced from the U.S. taxpayer by the IRS, to fund such a unfettered nightmare. Not only would it further encourage millions of more illegal aliens to try their luck at the borders, but it would be a silent fanfare across the world, that not only if you can smuggle a unborn child into the United States that the taxpaying public will subsidize you, but the child can collect the benefits of citizenship. Only the insistence of the TEA PARTY, voting into law the BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP can bring this outrageous law to a resounding halt. Further to be included E-VERIFY or less known as THE LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT can finally bring to a halt BUSINESSES FROM USING CHEAP FOREIGN LABOR. If not passed the future will be a terrible tax burden for Americans to bear, as we are already owned by foreign countries at a cost of $16 Trillion dollars. Adding further to this incomprehensible amount would be an outrage of another $2.6 to provide another mass amnesty. This is certainly on the Socialist agenda of President Obama, if he hopes to win in November to enact a wide-ranging amnesty.

In 2007 pointing out that the big problem with mass legalization is that (a) most illegal aliens are low-skilled, poorly educated and therefore do not earn enough money to pay enough taxes to cover the government benefits they receive, and (b), amnesty would eventually make them eligible for the full array of welfare and medical benefits, Medicare, Medicade offered by local, state and federal governments. The Heritage found the cost of allowing illegal aliens to remain in the United States, and eventually to become citizens, would be $3.7 trillion. The only thing we would gain from this future would be overpopulation, further destruction of our infrastructure, sparse farmland, propagation of more apartments and housing, loss of habitat for wild creatures, food and energy shortages, more criminal aliens entering our country and even more poverty, which the populace will be committed to feed, house and medical. The real gainers will be businesses to lower wages, less benefits and an unsettling likelihood of civil unrest. The winners the wealthy gaining cheap labor and for the Democrats who overwhelming will turn this nation into an entitlement country for the freeloaders, the dead beats, parasite who sits around and doesn’t work, with mooches who live off the rest of us--illegal alien and citizen alike?



The only way to stop this corruption mess is to adopt the rational reasoning and a strong observance of the Constitutional TEA PARTY plan. Just stop and think about it, because if either the Democrat or Republican gains a full influence the winners will not be THE AMERICAN PEOPLE? The more political party incumbents kicked out and replaced with TEA PARTY LEADERSHIP the better chance of a better future for every legal resident. ENOUGH GOOD AMERICAN PEOPLE CAN CRIPPLE THE USUAL, STAY AS IT IS, QUID PRO QUO. Stop the lobbyists who gain their influence through legal and illegal campaign contributions, free handouts and under the table cash. Neither party is trustworthy in my eyes, that’s why changed my political party from Democrat to Independent. Now is the time to join one of thousands of branches of your local TEA PARTY, a quiet revolution to take the huge power and influence from the corrupt and return it to the taxpayer. Investigate the TEA PARTY yourself, and then decide your party? GO TO NumbersUSA, Judicial Watch and the TEA PARTY DOT ORG. The Democrats who will ignore non-voters who register and then the Republicans who use their influence to keep cheap labor from entering America. YOU’RE COUNTRY, YOUR VOTE NOW UNTIL NOVEMBER?

west coast guy

Brittanicus, it has been a long time since I have read anything so hysterical and fact-free as your rant above. If you are a representative example of a Tea Party member, the world has nothing to fear.

harry houdini

I'm just saying......The Republicans are not going to move the needle one percent, if that, by courting "hispanic or black votes." " It is what it is." But what still baffles a lot of people like myself, is why they are not going after the Jewish vote with the same "gusto." The idea that most Jews vote Democratic is bogus and has been for a long time now. There are many reasons for this but the Republican pundits, for some reason, have bought into this theory and have not aggressively sought this group's vote.

If they were really smart, or at least "thinking," the "R" leadership would have placed a prominent Jewish face on the speaker's platform at the convention. Unfortunately for them, the leadership of the party's myoptic vision only extends as far as a few well known Jewish contributors are concerned and does not include the Jewish electorate.

With Obama's socialistic agenda and lack of enthusiastic support for the State of Israel, he has driven a great number of Jews away from the Democratic Party but the R's have not aggressively sought their vote with the same "passion" in which they have gone after the black and hispanic voters.

There is a "far bigger pool" of potential Jews who would vote for Romney than there is black or hispanic.......but the R's just don't seem to care!

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