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Eccentric Weinstein ad urges Bean to 'keep it clean'

It's got to be the zaniest ad of this election season.

Rep. Mike Weinstein is urging opponent former Rep. Aaron Bean to "keep it clean" in the heated race for the District 4 Senate seat, in the Jacksonville area.

But this is no normal plea for civility.

The ad is a throwback to Wayne's World and Michael Jackson's "Beat it." And, among other wonky elements, it includes a wigged newscaster and a dancing man with a mop.

Weinstein did a similar video two years ago that got national attention. Both were created by the production company of Weinstein's son, Scott Leigh, according to the Florida Times-Union.


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And the winner of the 2012 Academy Award for Political Campaign Hypocrisy goes to ... Jersey Mike Weinstein.

Giovanni Dattoli

What a great video. It is positive, creative and enjoyable. Too bad more politicians don't use this form of advertising. The mud-slinging and slanted commercials should be a thing of the past. Kudos to the Weinstein campaign.

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