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First Lady Michelle Obama is Broward bound Aug. 22

The First Lady will be visiting Broward County next Wednesday, August 22, 2012, for a campaign event, a campaign official said. More details later. Meantime, Republican vice-presidential pick Paul Ryan is heading to Orlando.



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Ron McCune

When talking about what President Obama would do in a second term you have to also look at what won’t happen if Obama is president and Romney isn’t. With Obama as our president we would get the deficit down in a way that is more fairer to the American people because the Bush tax cuts for the rich would expire January 1st. With Romney as our president we would have high deficits still because Romney and the Republicans want to permanently extend the Bush tax cuts for the rich as well as cut other taxes for the rich and raise the military budget. With Obama we would get the military budget down because the war in Afghanistan would be winding down and President Obama would keep America out of more military conflicts while creating a more peaceful world. With Romney we would be unnecessarily increasing the military budget as he wants to do because Romney is a paranoia backward thinking warmonger who wants to enrich himself and his buddies in the military industrial complex as he settles every dispute with in your face diplomacy. With Obama we would get budget cuts that are more fairer to the American people. With Romney we would get the Ryan budget cuts and other massive budget cuts to the poor and middle class because Romney’s brand of voodoonomics means that the government will be bringing in much less revenue than we would if Obama was our president. With Obama as our president our country will be better protected from ripoffs on Wall Street and the financial community but with Romney who wants to give the rich ‘freedom’ by cutting or gutting as many regulations and environmental laws as possible we would be facing again be facing more ripoffs and con games by the rich while also seeing the protection of the environment go out the window. With Romney as president abortions will be illegal and with Obama women won’t have to worry about that. What could be done by Romney as our president is a lot more important to worry about than what President Obama would do. President Obama has stirred America out of a Republican caused Depression and is getting America out of this Republican caused Recession even though he gets absolutely NO help from the Republicans in any way because Republicans are doing ALL that they can to worsen our economy because they know that a bad economy is the only way that they can win the election.


Wow Ron that is so true the thing is we need to come together as a whole to make things better. Each part wants to be the head and no one wants to be the body. So bascicly we have a 2 headed monster that need to be dealt with. I wish we could work together but the only thing I do is pray that we get on the path

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