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Florida Purple Poll: Obama-Romney tied 47-48% -- and tied 45-44% over protecting Medicare(!)

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's selection of Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate looks like a safe choice right now in Florida and other swing states, according to a new survey from Purple Poll.

Most intriguing in Florida: Romney's ticket is deadlocked with President Obama's over Medicare, 44-45%, even though Ryan is the father of he so-called "Ryan plan," which Democrats hae villified for two years for "ending Medicare." It doesn't. But the plan does end Medicare's traditional structure starting in 2022 by giving new recipients a voucher-like premium, the growth rate of which would be capped. That could lead to more out of pocket expenses for seniors.

Still, the numbers indicate the public-relations problems with ObamaCare, which fired up the right in 2010, trimmed $700 billion from future Medicare expenses and caused seniors to leave Democratic candidates in droves.

Overall, the tickets are tied as well. Obama gets 47% and Romney 48%.

Ryan is also the only politician at the top of the ticket who's viewed more favorably than less favorably.

Give it time. That'll change in this mean season. So will the Medicare numbers. But which way?

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Ted Wlliams

Seniors are happy with Ryan's plan to gut Medicaid for future generations because it doesn't impact them. Bunch of selfish old people hanging out on golf courses in Florida. How nice. Ryan's genius plan is to increase the deficit while giving better tax breaks to rich people. Fantastic.

Ted Wlliams

Hey Florida. Global warming is coming for you first.

Bryan Csharp

why did obama take away 700 billion from medicare then you liberal drone?


700$ billion went to cutting waste it also helped the doughnut hole since seniors get free prevention care it cut the cost of that since its free its not necessary get your facts straight.

Bryan Csharp

Obama ALREADY STOLE from medicare too. Not later. in the past. already gone. 700 billion gone. stolen from seniors. GONE. NOT THERE ANYMORE.


I just explained facts of where it went. But w.e. helps u sleep at night.


Medicare will be non-existent in 14 years without someone like Romney-Ryan protecting it.


That is utterly false go look at the grand bargain boner made then when the tea party stepped in it ended go look at Obama's budget this takes time not 3.5 years you speak of a Democratic congress no budget I agree but there has been fillibusters since 2009 conservatives don't like change good or bad idc about eithers taxes I care about what they've said in past and how they flip flop. Go look at romneys gov record 47th just like now ppl leaving labor force so unemployment is 13% I don't blame ppl for lack of confidence nor do I blame Massachusettens in 2006 when 4.6 is actually worse. Atleast Obama has created jobs Romney was in negative. His fee hikes on the blind and mentally handicapped and tuberculosis patients shows character. Even if obamacare bankrupts the country IN WHICH IT DOESNT atleast Obama's character shows he is trying to help ppl that need it not charging them 450 for tuberculosis test fee and another 400$ if its positive that's character atleast when Obma changes his opinion he has a valid reasoning (gay marriage individual mandate.) John McCain released more than 2 years because of Congressional races its a precedent release them. Republican primary he carpet bombed his opponents now that its happening to them he is whinning.


As a citizen of Florida this disappoints me greatly. I do not believe the future is bright for us regular people with a Romney-Ryan win, they are of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations.


Thank you costalkara but instead of talking join me in getting the word Obama can win Florida and will win the election ppl see past smoke and mirrors they wanna trash Obama for few flaws he has but the flaws this economy inheritated was because Paul ryan voted for the following programs that were unpaid for prescription drug, two wars, no child left behind, tarp so if they wanna guilt Obama and the republicans don't wanna share the blame well sorry the public doesn't trust republiklans anymore Obama will win. Hillary will win 2016 and 2020 then its time for a Mexican.


Wow I really like this post I know both sides have there flaws but at least Obama is trying to help for the most part. I think thats why so many people are against him because he truly want to make a postive change and they want the middle and lower class to be wiped out.

Chris London

INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL RACKETEER, MITT ROMNEY-THE MORMON MADOFF: https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150437193417030 may become the next President & avoid liability for IRS FRAUD & prosecution under the FOREIGN CORRUPT PRACTICES ACT for his BAIN GAMES: http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/dana-milbank-romneys-bain-games/2012/08/07/92aae1dc-e0c7-11e1-a19c-fcfa365396c8_story.html ripping off foreign governments in International Tax Evasion schemes: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-08-06/romney-persona-non-grata-in-italy-for-bain-s-deal-skirting-taxes.html but STEALING PENSION ASSETS: http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2012/01/06/399117/romney-bain-federal-bailout/ from America's blue collar workers is unforgivable. If you love America make sure that this Con-artist and fraudster does not end up in the White House.

Joy Miles

I think seniors will come out in droves to vote for ROmney/Ryan.in Fl.,they may have to come off golf course to do it.but they have worked all there life to be able to live and retire I'm Fl.I.m a registered Dem.in Fl,will not make the same mistake twice..Imwould like to Kmow what jobs Obama created.have ya,ll seen the latest umploument numbers last wk ,getting higher,buy Nov 6 will be at 8.5 percent.we have 23 million people out of work,50percent of Americans don,t pay any income taxes.the other 50percent are on the Govnt dole.We are now 5 trillion in debt since Obama.which anyone seen the debt clock at DNC,no way.RNC had a debt clock Dems know they can not post one ,because this admin.has totally failed our Country.Mitt we need you,who want to end up like Greece? I don,t,UndermRomney our energy policy will improve thru drilling.need to get rid of EPA.they suck.

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