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How can suspected Rivera-ringer Justin Sternad spend big on $822 budget? "Kiss my 'lily-white' ass," he says

Suspected of being a ringer in the Democratic race to face GOP Congressman David Rivera, Justin Sternad (who's using his middle name "Lamar" to campaign as "Lamar Sternad") won't explain how he can spend big in a campaign with a minuscule budget.

Here's the math: He has raised $11,262 (nearly all from himself) and spent $10,440 to qualify in his quixotic bid for congressional office, despite having no public record of political engagement or political contacts.

That leaves about $822, according to his most recent campaign finance report. That's not enough cash to spend on mailers (considering that he has reported spending campaign cash on phones and postage) So far, he has sent at least six pieces out in the Key West-to-Kendall District 26 race.

How does he afford all this?

"Kiss my 'lily-white' ass," Sternad said by email. 

For some reason, that phrase didn't appear on one of his mailers that kept his Anglo mug off mailers featuring President Obama, Martin Luther King and the Bullards, a family of Miami-Dade black politicians. (Note: "lily-white" is in quotes from Sternad because it's drawn from the above-linked blog post).

It's a violation of campaign finance laws to receive and spend money without reporting it.

The mailers come from the same Hialeah outfit that did nearly $100,000 worth of work for Rivera in 2010. It also repeats the same false charge about Democrat Joe Garcia from Rivera: That Garcia left his cancer-stricken wife.

Both Rivera and Sternad deny Sternad's a plant. Garcia's campaign believes otherwise. The campaigns of Democrats Gus Marin and Gloria Romero Roses, untouched in Sternard's mailers, are watching from the sidelines. Rivera beat Garcia in 2010. There's not much love between the two.

Another Rivera-Republican tie: Sternad said by email that GOP consultant Ana Alliegro is running his campaign. Unable to be reached via cellphone or Twitter, Alliegro has been called a "friend" by Rivera. She's also a former girlfriend of sometime-Rivera pal/rival, state House candidate and former state Sen. Alex Diaz de La Portilla. Her outfit is called "OnTarget Hispanic Marketing, Inc.," an interesting niche, considering that one of the mailers Sternad sent out had immigration-hardliner English-first language that would make most Miami Hispanic consultants a little nervous in Miami.

Alliegro, whose Twitter account describes her as a "Republican Political Guru and Conservative Bad Girl!," appears nowhere on his expenditure reports.

Other mailers misappropriated President Obama's logo. The president's campaign said he should stop. Sternad said by emails that he hadn't heard from the Obama campaign. Here's why: They say they can't reach him and have no clue (like most Democrats) who he is, a campaign official said. Sternad is an employee of the Wyndham hotel chain on Miami Beach.

Sternad denied his campaign was behind robocalls last night that touted his candidacy and that played a message of Garcia speaking in Spanish. That latter message might have primarily been sent to Anglo households -- a nice way to annoy voters and turn them off to Garcia.



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Good for you Lamar! Caputo is a complete jerk and its so obvious he is being paid off by Joe Garcia. Caputo has been none stop harrassing this poor guy all because he is not a rich buisness man like the other candidates. Its shows people can be blinded by money.
I will be so happy to see this Caputo guy fired or sued by the Lamar campaign for all the harrasment and lies he is rumoring about the candidate. It's funny that Caputo has not posted anything about the Joe Garcia campaign that has yet to file a statement of candidacy with the FEC as stated on the FEC website..... now isnt this what Caputo blamed lamar of doing just a week ago? sounds to me like this is again yet another dirty trick by Joe Garcia and his little puppet Caputo running scared. We need someone in Congress who is an everyday person like us and knows first hand what we go through everyday not, some rich person that really could care less and has no first hand experience on how it feels to just scrap by day after day. Lamar you have my vote 100% good for you for standing up to the bully Caputo!


Too Funny!!!! Isn't that what Caputo has been calling the Candidate in all his dirty articles "lily white"? You had it coming Caputo you are a horrible journalist go back to school.
I tell you Lamar you have guts and thats just what we need in Congress to get things done! I was leaning more towards Roses but, after this you got my vote.


I love these Sternad sock-puppets filling up the comments section..


Hey "spiegel"

Sock puppets.....Must be Joe or Caputo's alias email. LOL.

Larry Thorson

Dirty politics, for sure, and who's the beneficiary? David Rivera, who's in politics for the cash and the coattails of his pal who's not running for vice president.

Vote for Joe Garcia, who's not rich, not crooked, not employing sock puppets. See you at the victory party!

Ralph L.J. Garnier

Why all rich people always hating on the poor, why Lamar always getting bullied like the rest of us people who can barely get by in life. The man has been attacking Lamar for a while now and this has to stop. If Lamar wins, this would be how David slays Goliath. Can the world give us little people a chance to change the world, us little people who suffers from rich politicians mistakes and failures. This caputo guy is bashing Lamar name to the very end.

mark L

let me tell you one thing,,for someone to raised $11,262,by him self,to qualify for congressional office,does deserve to win.despite having no public record of political engagement or political contacts,as someone stated..I would take the $ 822. and send all the mailers to you,,for that comment. because Lamar has done something that you have not done..that was put his name on the ballot.

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