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Liberal group wraps "Traitor" jacket around Marco Rubio's autobiography

Untitled-1Wrong Way Rubio, a joint project of Progress Florida and Florida Watch Action, is sending out copies of Marco Rubio's American Son with a pink-washed Shepard Fairey-like image of Rubio that says "Traitor."

The jacket, English on one side and Spanish on the other, raps Rubio for being a traitor for his policies on taxes, senior citizens, women and immigrants. Rubio doesn't back the Dream Act and said he supported Arizona's right to pass an immigration crackdown that, to the left, smacks of Latino profiling.

Our colleagues at the Tampa Bay Times got their copy a bit earlier (I was on vacation and neglected to check my mail box until today). The package was sent out by Susannah Randolph, wife of Orlando Democratic Rep. Scott Randolph, and a former campaign chief for U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson, who produced hardball ads like the now-infamous 'Taliban Dan' ad.

The bright spot for Rubio: Liberals are buying his book (albeit at 30% off) and sending it around.