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Liberal group wraps "Traitor" jacket around Marco Rubio's autobiography

Untitled-1Wrong Way Rubio, a joint project of Progress Florida and Florida Watch Action, is sending out copies of Marco Rubio's American Son with a pink-washed Shepard Fairey-like image of Rubio that says "Traitor."

The jacket, English on one side and Spanish on the other, raps Rubio for being a traitor for his policies on taxes, senior citizens, women and immigrants. Rubio doesn't back the Dream Act and said he supported Arizona's right to pass an immigration crackdown that, to the left, smacks of Latino profiling.

Our colleagues at the Tampa Bay Times got their copy a bit earlier (I was on vacation and neglected to check my mail box until today). The package was sent out by Susannah Randolph, wife of Orlando Democratic Rep. Scott Randolph, and a former campaign chief for U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson, who produced hardball ads like the now-infamous 'Taliban Dan' ad.

The bright spot for Rubio: Liberals are buying his book (albeit at 30% off) and sending it around.


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I bet you Marco is tickled pink about this because for every copy they bought to send this out Marco made money. If I was Marco I would send them a thank you note for the purchases.

joe blow

Little Marco is a TRAITOR because he turned his back on everything his immigrant parents taught him and turned his back on America's middle class.
Little Marco comes from modest roots. His father was a hotel bartender and his mother stocked shelves at KMart.
These are the exact same people Little Marco seeks to destroy by eliminating medicare, social security and the social safety net.
Little Marco sold his soul to the devil a long time ago in exchange for power and wealth.
His parents must be turning over in their graves over what he's become!


This is so incredibly stupid. What makes Marco Rubio a traitor? The fact that he doesnt agree with these liberals. Totally abhorrent behavior.

Disagree on substance and act like grownups.


I see joe is blowing chunks again.

Admit it joe blow ... you just don't like Super Mario because he's not a old school liberal white guy like you.

Luis Arroyo

As a Puerto Rican republican I am rpulsed at Rubio's comments on Puerto Rico! Puerto Rico has a Republican Governor, and a republican majority on the legislature. The statehood party the New Progressive party is Puerto Rico's historical Republican party. The name progressive in our statehood party goes back to 1960's ,long before The democrat liberals hyjacked the word. The New Progressives are Pro life, pro death penalty, pro military,anti gay marriage, anti bail for major murderers, fevor school prayer. Marco Rubio obviously knows NOTHING about the US terrritory of Puerto Rico. Rubio is a RINO. He endorsed Obama's lie that 51% statehood victory is not enough! OF COURSE NOT! NEXT COMES ENABLING LEGISLATION BY CONGRESS. Then, after Puerto Rico is invited into the Union, it must AGAIN go to a vote. This time, the doubters believe, join the statehooders for a solid majority. Its adisgrace this fake hispanic has ruined any chance of more Hispanics joining the GOP with his GLEN BECK Ideology. Look at how Glen Beck trashed the Tennessee plan! Portraying it as something sinister, the founding fathers of the great state of tennessee must be rolling in their graves!


Maybe it's time we brought all the Puerto Ricans here to the states (they are U.S. citizens), and convert that island into a penal colony.

It would save a bundle on locking up felons. I think a buy out is in order.

joe blow

has Little Marco released his tax returns? Can't wait till Jim Greer spills the beans on all the corrupt R pols like Marco and their AMEX charge card expenses. It will be coming out in a few weeks.
Can anyone tell me ONE THING LITTLE MARCO has done since being elected that benefits Floridians besides make long winded pompous far right extremist speeches at CPAC and appear on FAUX News?
anyone Bueller? anyone?

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