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Low profile? Rick Scott to headline $500k Fort Lauderdale fundraiser for Mitt Romney

Sure, Gov. Rick Scott's keeping a low profile on the campaign trail these days as Mitt Romney runs for president. But it looks like Scott is lending something that's more important than campaign appearances: fundraising help.

The governor is scheduled tonight to hold a Morton's Steak House fundraiser in Fort Lauderdal for at least 20 donors. The event starts at 6:30 p.m. Maximum donation is $50,000 a person, but organizers say they expect about half of that.


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Just wondering???

After seeing Scott's disapproval numbers, wherein all sectors disapprove by over 50%, why would anyone who is on the ballot this November want to affiliate themselves with him? Bet this FR tonight is a lot less successful then they anticipate. There is no way will he ever be re-elected, no matter how much money he spends this time. He made some terrible decisions that alienated large populations of voters that originally supported him. He needs to step aside for a Republican that has a chance.


That means no Mortons for happy hour tonight. Not only is the Governor ruining Florida, he's ruining my happy hour.

joe blow

Mittens Romney is probably the worst R candidate in memory. After watching all of his constant screw ups, one has to deduece the man is unelectable.
DICK Scott on the other hand remains the TURD in the punchbowl!
Two more years of this jackass and we can send him to scrapheap of history!

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