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Miami-Dade voters keep pit-bull ban

Pit bulls are still outlaws in Miami-Dade County.

Voters overwhelming opted to keep a 1989 ban on American Staffordshire terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers and high-content mixes of both.

Dahlia Canes, founder of the Miami Coalition Against Breed-Specific Legislation, the group that spearheaded the ban repeal, was disappointed but not surprised.

“We didn’t think it would pass,’’ said the 60-year-old Hialeah paralegal who founded the coalition in 2008. “This was handed to us [by the County Commission] whether we liked it or not and we had to take up the challenge. We only had a few months to reeducate an entire county that has been brainwashed for 23 years.’’

In February, a group of Miami-Dade commissioners short-circuited what appeared to be a winning effort in the state legislature to abolish the ban, calling it an attack on the county’s home rule authority.

Canes also said that putting the words “pit bull’’ and “dangerous dog’’ in the same sentence in the ballot question all but doomed the effort.

More from Elinor J. Brecher here.


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This is NOT about the bre
ed....its about the humans who don't understand or have the right circumstances for this breed....THE PROBLEM ISN'T AT THE END OF THE LEASH ....

protect our pits

sad i have a pit in hiding and he lives with 2 minature poodles...a teacup poodle less then 2lbs and a bird cocktiel that walks in front of the dog like nothing..the bird thinks hes a dog...in other words pitbulls are not dangerous just like any creature on this earth only knows what they are taught just like a baby..were all gods creations


Miami voters are so ignorant. They should be banned form living in Palm Beach County.


In its next session, the FL legislature hopefully will pass a bill to outlaw breed-specific legislation.

César M González Betancourt

This is NOT about the breed of dog. This is about the type of people that keep them. They are mostly hoods who deal drugs.

Sabina Holbrook

No breed of animal is dangerous. Some are more intelligent and sensitive, and it's humans that abuse and take advantage of these beautiful animals and give them a bad name, because this loving breed especially has the power and strength to try and defend itself when it's been abused or trained to do so. They are a loving, loyal and very faithful pet, that too often are owned by people that should be put down.

César M González Betancourt

These people who are disappointed at the results of the vote have missed the point. People like myself who voted NO, did not vote against these pit bull dogs, we voted against the low-life bums who keep them. Thank you Miami-Dade voters !

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