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Mitt Romney campaign tries to make President Obama into the welfare president

Above is a TV ad that's part of Republican Mitt Romney's heightened effort to transform President Obama into what Republican Newt Gingrich called "the welfare president." Bottom line: the Romney campaign says Obama rolled back welfare reforms that essentially gives people a check even if they're not looking for work. Obama's campaign said it's not true and that the waivers in question have been longstanding and Romney had requested one for his state when he was Massachusetts governor.

Here's the memo from Mitt Romney policy director Lanhee Chen titled "The Rise And Fall Of Welfare Reform."

 To View This Memo Online, Click Here: http://mi.tt/MZTZjp

 President Obama’s attempt to dismantle the bipartisan welfare reform of 1996 may energize his dispirited liberal base, but it is an insult to those on welfare and the millions of hard-working middle-class taxpayers struggling in the Obama economy.

 For decades, welfare was simply an entitlement — a government check in place of a paycheck. In 1996, in one of the great bipartisan policy achievements in recent memory, President Bill Clinton joined with a Republican Congress to end welfare as we knew it. Welfare reform replaced old-school welfare with a welfare-to-work program that emphasized personal responsibility and the dignity of work over government dependence. The reform shifted control of welfare to the states within clearly defined boundaries, the most important of which was the work requirement: federal funding would hinge on states successfully moving welfare recipients back into the workforce. According to Brookings Institution scholar Ron Haskins, the reforms triggered an unprecedented decline in welfare caseloads, with the vast majority of those leaving the rolls in fact able to find work. Earnings for low-income families surged and child poverty plummeted.

 Unfortunately, not everyone was enthusiastic about welfare reform. For instance, a man named Barack Obama took to the floor of the Illinois state senate to announce his opposition. A devoted believer in old-school, big-government liberalism, Mr. Obama had no interest in embracing the welfare reform package that linked welfare to work. Now as president, with an economy struggling, an election looming, and a dispirited liberal base in need of encouragement, he has decided to turn back the clock.

 On July 12, the Department of Health and Human Services issued an extraordinary memorandum announcing that welfare reform’s firm and previously unquestioned work requirements were in fact merely optional and subject to the whim of the President and his Administration. Subsequent protestation that they will use their newly claimed discretion wisely is entirely beside the point. After fifteen years of successful reform built on the premise that work requirements are inviolable, President Obama apparently believes he can approve whatever “definitions of work activities” and “calculation of participation rates” he wants. And the memorandum makes clear that he hopes states will consider approaches that remove work participation rate requirements all together.

 This policy change undermines the very premise of welfare reform. It is an insult to Americans on welfare who are looking for an opportunity to build better lives for themselves. And it is a kick in the gut to the millions of hard-working middle-class taxpayers struggling in today’s economy, working more for less but always preferring self-sufficiency to a government handout. Of course all Americans want to help their fellow citizens having difficulty finding a job in the Obama economy, but they do not want to see the return of a culture of dependency and the reversal of welfare reform’s hard-won gains by a President who never believed in that reform in the first place.

 Unlike President Obama, Mitt Romney has always been a strong supporter of welfare reform and its work requirements. Because Massachusetts had implemented reforms of its own shortly before the federal reforms of 1996, it was actually exempt from many of the federal requirements when Romney took office as governor. But nevertheless, facing an overwhelmingly Democratic legislature in one of the most liberal states in the country, Romney vetoed efforts to weaken work requirements and he pressed repeatedly to instead strengthen them and bring them in line with federal standards.

 Americans face a stark choice this November between two very different visions of our country’s future, and President Obama’s attempt to unwind welfare reform offers a perfect illustration of the choice. The Obama campaign slogan may be “Forward,” but his policies will take America backward — back to the discredited liberalism of a bygone era where bigger government programs and bigger government checks were the answer to every problem, and accountability was not on the agenda. It is no surprise that on the President’s watch millions of Americans have given up on work entirely and the labor force participation rate has plummeted to a level not seen in decades (correcting for this, the unemployment rate today is above eleven percent).

 Mitt Romney offers a different approach. As president, he will immediately rescind the Obama HHS memo on welfare, and make clear that work requirements are not optional. That same philosophy will guide his plan for a stronger middle class that relies on the hard work and ingenuity of the American people — not more directives and dollars from Washington — to produce a true economic recovery that delivers more jobs and more take-home pay.


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Frank Baumm

Mitt Romney isn't "trying" to make Barry Saetoro (aka Barack Obama) into anything! Every, and I do mean every policy that Barry and his administration have promulgated has done that job for him.

It's clear that Barry and his administration are idealogues with no real understanding of micro, macro or even lemonade stand economics. In fact, since Barry has never released his college transcripts, it's likely that the commander in chief of one of the largest economies on the planet hasn't even had a basic college level course in that field.

Idealogy ahead of logic and reason. Wishful thinking and feel good policies before research and emperical analysis and you get the abysmal failure which is the Obama administration!

Trix Rabbit

I liked the part where you just reprinted Romney campaign propaganda and pretended it was an article. Maybe some non-rich people will be fooled by it and vote against their own interests.

Citizen Kane

I do want to see President Obama's college transcripts - what's he hiding? And Harry Reed's tax returns. How did he aquire 10 million dollars as a government employee?

Tally Folly

Mitt Romney would be the welfare president for Millionaires


"tries to make"??

He has overseen the greatest increase in food stamps in the history of our country. There are more EBT cards now than there are jobs in this country. Go into Winn Dixie at the counter late at night and its like a game watching people tro to sort out the food from the booze so they can get things on their EBT cards. More people on the dole than any of us care to admit.

As bad as Romney is sometimes, dont think he needs to "try to make' anything.


Some important context: But here’s some important context on this new Romney TV ad. The change in the welfare law Team Romney is attacking was actually designed to give states more flexibility -- something for which Republican often want from the federal government argue. Reuters: “The directive from the Health and Human Services Department allows states to pursue a waiver from the work requirement of the welfare law in order to test alternative strategies that would help needy families find jobs. The aim is to give states some flexibility in how they carry out the welfare law as some state governors have advocated, rather than sticking to a rigid formula.” Romney, when he was Massachusetts governor in 2005, actually advocated for this kind of flexibility with welfare.

the Lord

The Romney security have a new secret, as our brave Belgians rescured Lufftwaffe pilot that was opressing American lady. For first they wanted to present her to me, as they did with Ann Romney in 60'ths.

However, our polish JFK - Mr. Cimoszewicz has come out with another interesting idea. Lets match Manowski and our pilot, so semits will be free. Both of them are cstrated from soul - so it is not a love - but just orderal. Yet another show of inhuman opression and just slavery...

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Top Ten Things Obama Has Not Released

10. State senate papers. In the 2008 primary, Obama criticized Hillary Clinton for not releasing papers from her eight years as First Lady--but failed to produce any papers from his eight years in Springfield. “They could have been thrown out,” he said.
9. Academic transcripts. His supposed academic brilliance was a major selling point, but Obama (by his own admission) was a mediocre student. His GPA at Occidental was a B-plus at best, and his entering class at Columbia was weak. Can he prove his merit?
8. Book proposal. Obama’s literary agent claimed he was “born in Kenya”--for sixteen years. His original book proposal exists--biographer David Maraniss refers to it--and seems to have embellished other key details of his life. Yet it has never been released.
7. Medical records. In 2000, and again (briefly) in 2008, GOP presidential candidate Sen. John McCain released thousands of pages of his medical records. Obama, who had abused drugs and continued smoking, merely provided a one-page doctor’s note.
6. Small-dollar donors. In 2008, the McCain campaign released the names of donors who had contributed less than $200, though it was not required to do so. But the Obama campaign refused, amidst accusations it had accepted illegal foreign contributions.
5. The Khalidi tape. In 2003, Obama attended a party for his good friend, the radical Palestinian academic Rashid Khalidi. The event featured incendiary anti-Israel rhetoric. The LA Times broke the story, but has refused to release the tape--and so has Obama.
4. The real White House guest list. Touting its transparency, the Obama White House released its guest logs--but kept many visits secret, and moved meetings with lobbyists off-site. It also refused to confirm the identities of visitors like Bertha Lewis of ACORN.
3. Countless FOIA requests. The Obama administration has been described as “the worst” ever in complying with Freedom of Information Act requests for documents. It has also punished whistleblowers like David Walpin, who exposed cronyism in Americorps.
2. Health reform negotiations. Candidate Obama promised that health care reform negotiations would be televised on C-SPAN. Instead, there were back-room deals woth millions with lobbyists and legislators--the details of which are only beginning to emerge.
1. Fast and Furious documents. After months of stonewalling Congress, Attorney General Eric Holder asked President Obama to use executive privilege to conceal thousands of documents related to the deadly scandal--and Obama did just that.
In addition to the above, Obama and his campaign have lied about many facts about his past--his membership in the New Party; his extensive connections with ACORN; and his continued relationship with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright, among other examples. Obama’s own memoir is filled with fabrications. And now he is lying about his opponent’s honorable record in business. He--and the media--have no shame.
by Joel B. Pollak18


The Obama administration has increased spending on welfare programs by more than $193 billion.


Obamas mission is and always has been (in his own words) to change this nation and that is what he has and intends to continue doing.
He believes like his father before him that the USA is an evil imperialistic nation.
People better wake up before too much damage is done!
Get this embarrassment to democracy out of our Whitehouse!


It's better to be a poor welfare recipient than a corporate welfare recipient.$50,000 for a lunch;somebody got's lot of money.I wonder how much they'll get back on their investements.After they get their money back and more,there wouldn't be any left for the poor.That's not what I call building a just society.


Mitt Romney is trying to make President Obama a "welfare president?" Mitt Romney? Mitt Romney is the king of dishing out welfare. Look at Massachusetts Republicans! You're nominee is the ultimate welfare king Republicans


How come republican votes don't complain about Corporate welfare programs? Because corporations create jobs? Corporations have record profits right now, where are the jobs? A vote for Romney is a vote for welfare... welfare for corporations.

Man, those Bush years were bad. I guess some people can't learn.


For GOD'S sake start standing up for yourself. If you continue looking weak you are going to loose the election. When Obama pointed out your vacation you that you paid for you could have pointed out his $200,000.00+ date night on the AMRICAN DIME. When you were asked for years of tax returns you should have agreed if Obama would release his college files that have been sealed. When you were accused of murder an all out media response by your group should have been launched. Your campaign group is not dong their job, and make you look weak. If you don't get up and respond in a strong manner the American people will perceive you as weak and will loose interest in you. I would keep pushing the economy and spend quick to the point (Right up Obama's A%&&**)replies for his scandalous adds and comments. If you people don't start listening to the voters comments then you are going to be S.O.L. (Simply out of luck)
Thank you for you time.

Virginia Hanna

August 2012 45 percent of Utah children were without health insurance . If a Father has three wives and fourteen kids then who is making it a welfare state ? It is hard for even a man with one wife and two children to make a living now day's. You are listening to a man who has No concept of hard times. He doesn't even know his own wealth, has always been rich and pay's only 13 % taxes when we pay 33 % in taxes ? People need to research and become informed before it is too late ; Itis not the FLDS [the TRUE Mormons] who are breaking the system.but the LDS.

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