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Ann Romney gets a televised speaking slot. Again

**Updated** From a press release:

All – Please see the quote below if you are covering the program and speaker schedule at the Republican National Convention. Please note that Senator Rubio will not be changing speaking slots. 

“Sen. Rubio was incredibly gracious to offer his speaking slot to Mrs. Romney, and we thank him for his kind offer. However, he will remain the last speaker in primetime on Thursday night before Gov. Romney accepts the nomination. In many ways, Sen. Rubio represents the future of the Republican Party and we can think of no better person to introduce Gov. Romney on this important night.” – Matt Rhoades, Romney for President Campaign Manager

 Also, please find the following changes below to the program. Please note that Ann Romney will now be speaking on Tuesday night and Gov. Susana Martinez will be speaking on Wednesday night. The following schedule reflects these changes. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Earlier in the day, it didn't look this way: Here's the original text of this blog that had the headline: Mitt's choice: Dis Marco Rubio in primetime, or let Jeb Bush give Ann Romney RNC speaking slot?

**Calm down, Marco Rubio fans. At least right now.

The Florida Senator might not get bumped -- and dissed -- from his primetime Thursday night speaking slot at the Republican National Convention to make way for presidential candidate Mitt Romney's wife, Ann. She was scheduled to speak Monday night at the convention, however the big three networks don't plan to cover it in primetime that night.

So she might take former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's primetime slot Wednesday.

Bush would probably be happy to do it for two reasons: 1) He wouldn't mind and it would be no big deal 2) The reaction among Florida Republicans (especially the 72 percent of Miami-Dade Republicans who happened to be Hispanic) would be utterly negative if Rubio was bumped.

"He's one of the Republican Party's big stars, the Republican senator from a state Romney needs to win," said state House Republican Leader Carlos Lopez-Cantera, who was just elected county property appraiser. "I can't believe they would do this."

It certainly would symbolize the official end of any semblance of genuine Hispanic outreach by the Romney campaign.

Rubio partisans are justifiably wary. The leak that he might get bumped was first shopped to The Weekly Standard, which has good sources and some of the best understanding of how the Romney campaign operates. So Rubio could get bumped after all, although it wouldn't make sense because Bush's spot is less bloodless and everyone walks away happy.

This is the second time in a row where Romney world, which has yet to give a coherent response, has stalled in the face of mounting concerns that the campaign is dissing Rubio. The last time this happened, anonymous Romney World mouthpieces started whispering that Rubio wasn't even on the VP shortlist. Romney lost a day of messaging as the rumors went unrefuted. That incident, coupled with this one, leads a few folks to believe that someone has it in for Rubio in Romney World.

As our partner Adam Smith notes:

If Rubio does get bumped, it would be on the heels of the Republicans adopting a platform embracing hard line immigration positions, including encouraging more laws like Arizona's. Cuban-Americans in south Florida have already taken note that only a few years ago Paul Ryan wanted to open up trade with Cuba. You can predict the Democratic talking points about Romney-Ryan writing off the Hispanic vote.

And you can bet a lot of Florida Republicans will, once again, be quietly cursing Romney consultants, Stu Stevens and Russ Schrieffer, who used to work for former Republican Charlie Crist against Rubio. When someone on the campaign told a reporter Rubio was not being vetted earlier this year, many assumed that came from Stevens or Schrieffer. Then Rubio was passed over for the keynote speech in favor of Schrieffer client Chris Christie.


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Rubio is an "Uncle Tom". Mexican Americans and Latins from South America cannot stand Rubio. It's the older white Republicans that like him. The same ones who have steered women voters towards Obama. Rubio is anti-woman, and dislikes the poor and middle class. I'd rather watch Anne Romney over Bush or Rubio any day.


why didn't Romney release his tax returns? why are many people supporting him? isn't he a liar?


Releasing tax returns is a benefit for Romney. Voters do not care if he does not want to release them. However, by hiding his tax returns, voters assume that he is hiding something. No one can force him to do that but he is going to lose lots of votes.


I think it is totally ridiculous that the political chatter class seems to think that Latino vote as a block and only on the immigration issue. That said the Romney campaign is incredibly tone deaf when it comes to saying some pretty insulting things about Latino and other minority voters.

Denny Wood

Why Rubio or Bush would be allowed to speak at all is a mystery on the vetting these two ADA violators and Anti-Equal Rights Amendment opponents. This makes the Republican Party look like they support Americans With Disabilities Act violators.

Both Bush and Rubio had offices in their domain that did not have restrooms for people in wheelchairs. Bush refused to enact the required ADA transition plan, that would have led to barrier removal. Rubio refused to follow the Florida Senate lead and establish wheelchair accessible podiums in committee rooms.Rubio used his power as Speaker to block the ERA from getting fair committee hearings.

Neither Bush or Rubio even hired "tokens" of people with disabilities in their offices. Florida has over 20% of people with disabilities, and Bush and Rubio never lifted a finger to see that the disabled were hired into Florida Government positions. Bush as a long list of anti-people with disabilities events.

Maybe dumping on people with disabilities is a Republican leadership position, as evidenced by letting either of these Florida ADA violators speak at the Republican Convention.

In December of 2011 The Florida Paraplegic Association filed suit against Charlie Crist and Bill McCullum regarding the 22 floors of the Capitol Building not having restrooms for people in wheelchairs.


on Romney's tax returns, "damned if you do, damned if you don't"

Bob OB

Romney is not releasing tax returns for many good reasons. One, look what the filth on the Obama team has done with the one they have. Two, he spends large portions of his income on charity and his religion prevents disclosure of such work since it would because calls for recognition of such service would taint the intent. Unlike Obama who takes credit for things he did not do. What's more important??? Obama's college records. The fact the Obamas were both disbarred, Michelle for fraud. Can't wait to see Obama go.

Armand Winter

Cadillac Ann is going to pony up and tell *you* people all you need to know.

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