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New ethics complaint filed against Fresen over foreclosure, disclosure

Rep. Erik Fresen, R-Miami, is facing yet another ethics complaint over his finances, one day before the Republican primary.

Fresen’s challenger, first-time candidate Amory Bodin, is pushing to make Fresen’s finances an issue as the primary vote nears. Bodin has put out a release highlighting the long list of ethics complaints filed against Fresen, who has experienced financial troubles with his mortgage, taxes and other obligations.

The latest ethics complaint comes in the wake of a Miami Herald article that highlighted some of Fresen’s financial troubles. The complaint alleges that Fresen failed to fully disclose his financial assets. Fresen, who is entangled in a foreclosure lawsuit, told the Herald that he makes enough money to cover his mortgage, but is going through a “legal nightmare” with his lender over a billing dispute.

“I can more than cover my mortgage,” Fresen told the Herald. “I’m willing to pay whatever must be paid.”

The new ethics complaint alleges that if Fresen truly has that kind of money, he has not disclosed it in his financial disclosure forms, which require major assets to be listed.


“It is not reasonable to believe someone with income in excess of $200,000 per year, who makes no mortgage and real estate tax payments, and who has used none of the cash flow to pay down reported debt, has no intangible assets in the form of bank accounts, brokerage accounts, retirement accounts, etc., that exceed $1,000,” the complaint reads.

Read Scott Hiaasen’s story on the Fresen-Bodin race here.

Here’s a copy of the ethics complaint filed last week. 



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J. Marc Lewis

We need a change here in Miami-Dade. Fresen is just one more example of the bad and unethical leadership that continues to drag us down. We need the breath of fresh air that CPA Amory Bodin brings to the table. Sound ethics, high morals and fiscal responsibility. First time candidates and successful businessman like Bodin are who we need, now...more than ever. I am behind Amory 100%!


seriously, for what reason would we keep fresen in office? isn't this enough to tell us we need a change?

David Crespo

If Fresen's personal financial troubles are not enough to convince the voters that he will be irresponsible with our tax dollars, than I don't know what will. We seriously need a statesman who we can count to be fically responsible in Tallahassee and thats Amory Bodin. Vote for Bodin.

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