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New Obama campaign ad bashes Romney's tax plan


The Obama team is ramping up its efforts to paint Mitt Romney as an enemy to middle class taxpayers, highlighting with an ad, an online video and an online calculator a nonpartisan study that showed the Republican's plan would result in lower taxes for the rich while pinching the poor and middle class.

Obama for America today released a new television ad -- "Stretch" -- that contends that what its calling the "Romney Tax Hike" would raise taxes on millions of middle-class families with children by more than $2,000.

"Even though Mitt Romney paid only 14 percent in taxes on $20 million of income, Romney asks the middle-class to pick up the tab for millionaires' tax breaks," the campaign says. "He pays less," the ad says. "You pay more."

The campaign is also out with a nearly 3 minute video on the report and an online calculator it says allows "individuals to see just what the Romney Tax Hike would mean for their family’s wallet." The ad will air in Florida and Virginia -- where Obama campaigns today -- along with New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Iowa, Colorado, Nevada.

The Romney campaign has pointed out that one of the Tax Policy Center report's authors once worked for Obama. Obama, however, noted during a campaign stop Wednesday that "one of the guys who did the analysis used to work for Bush."

For more, read today's story on the tax plan dispute here.

-- Lesley Clark


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The Romney tax plan was just aspirational:

Jonathan Burks, Romney’s deputy policy director, told reporters that the tax plan is a framework.

“The governor’s plan essentially lays out the parameters of what he wants to achieve -- lowering tax rates by 20 percent, achieving revenue neutrality and maintaining progressivity -- and within that, he would write a tax bill that achieves those goals,” Burks said. “And so it’s not a question of today, you know, we’ve got a 2,000-page tax plan that could be scored and demonstrate this. It’s that the governor has laid out a tax program; he’s laid out goals that are accomplishable.”.

“The details of how that would be accomplished are things that would have to be worked out with Congress,” Burks added.

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