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New web phenom: The Trayvon Martin truth squad

While other people watch reality shows, a marketing specialist in Michigan who goes by the name “Bcclist” spends time in his yard, calculating Trayvon Martin’s last steps with a tape measure and smartphone stop watch.

He is joined on the Internet by Dave Turner, an Illinois man who had his sons yell in the dark from a distance of 30 feet to see whether he could tell which one cried for help.

Both men are often guided by the work of “Tchoupi,” an engineer with a Ph.D. in physics who has spent countless hours making maps, analyzing witness statements and fleeting headlight patterns in surveillance videos to compute George Zimmerman’s moves the night he killed Trayvon.

The three are among a growing group of people on the Internet so fascinated by the mystery of the killing that captivated the nation that they are out to crack the case themselves. They listen to jailhouse calls, pore over witness statements, study evidentiary documents and measure walking speeds.

More here from Frances Robles.


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No Bias Here Folks, Move Along

Zimmerman shot him. I solved it.


Zimmerman stalked and confronted Martin like any other thug might do who was targeting someone they didn't like or wanted to harm.

So Zimmerman started the chain of events inappropriately. And Martin would have been justified in whipping out a gun and shooting Zimmerman, although civilized people first just tell thugs to bugger off and leave them be.

Zimmerman says he got jumped later by Martin as he was going back to his truck. The best evidence that Zimmerman was not in fear for his life from Martin was that he was neither: a) running for his truck, nor b) backing slowly toward his truck with his weapon drawn scanning the darkness for the supposed threat from Martin.

The law does not nor should justify or reward thuggish actions by letting the thug-boy end up shooting innocent people they targeted ... for any reason.

Steve Imes

These people evidently have nothing to do with their time.

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