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Obama campaign books mammoth $77m ad buy, $13.4m in Florida


Washington (CNN) – The Obama campaign has taken the extraordinary step of booking $77 million in additional ad time starting Friday and running through Election Day, a Republican ad buying source told CNN. The new buy is for thirty second broadcast TV spots that will run in eight battleground states.
Through Thursday Team Obama will have spent at least $106 million in general election ads – more than twice what the Mitt Romney campaign has bought. This buy will bring his total media purchase so far this cycle to almost $190 million.
However, GOP groups, such as American Crossroads and its affiliate Crossroads GPS and Restore Our Future, the super PAC backing Mitt Romney have helped to give Republicans an overall spending advantage in recent weeks for ad spending compared to the Obama re-election campaign and its supporters.
Here is the breakdown of the new Obama buy:
Colorado: $7,025,120
Florida: $13,355,226
Iowa: $7,315,224
Nevada: $4,939,620
New Hampshire: $4,939,620
North Carolina: $7,647,844
Ohio: $19,533,433
Virginia: $11,582,494


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Brandt Hardin

Romney is a rich pariah who simply can’t identify with ANY average American through his fog of lies and network of havened money. He’ll only continue to get booed out of the room by every group of minority and middle class voters he comes across. His religion and wealth is highly elitist and everyone in this country has had it with his kind. We’re telling Mitt he can’t buy this election! Read about the role of his money and his Magic Mormon Underwear are playing in the polls at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2012/05/mitt-romneys-magic-mormon-underwear.html


Brandt Hardin s a religious bigot his post is highly offensive and should be removed.

There will always be in any election and between elections small-minded and prejudiced people like Brandt Hardin who have a neurotic compulsion to feel superior to somebody or an urge to blame some racial or minority group for their own individual failures or misfortunes.

But these people are not representative of America. They have rarely determined elections in the past and they will not determine the one that is coming. Millions of Catholics, Protestants, Jews, and people of no formal faith will testify that prejudice cannot be endorsed in this country without doing political damage to the persons or candidates who endorse it.

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