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Paul Ryan's mom is a snowbird in Lauderdale by the Sea

Lauderdale by the Sea doesn’t make the news often -- it’s a small beachside town in Broward County known for the fishing pier, pretty beachfront and cute downtown with ice cream shops and restaurants. It’s also the home part of the year to Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s mother.

Betty Ryan Douglas, 78, has lived in a gated townhome community for part of the year since the development on Ocean Boulevard opened in 2000, said one of her neighbors, Rosina Ventre. She lives in a quiet townhome community that is a mix of locals and snowbirds.

She is only there during the winter months, Ventre said. Ryan Douglas doesn’t introduce herself as the Congressman’s son but Ventre said she saw Ryan visit his mother there.

“She is a very nice woman, nice family woman. Very bright, very alert,” Ventre said.

Ryan Douglas has been a registered Republican voter in Broward since 1997 and a regular voter, said Mary Cooney, spokeswoman for the Broward Supervisor of Elections.


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"Ryan Douglas doesn’t introduce herself as the Congressman’s son"

Um ... it's probably a good thing his mom doesn't introduce herself as her son's son.

That would cause way too much confusion, gender confusion and otherwise.


I hear that Mrs Ryan Douglas has money. She really doesn't need medicare and social security. Living in a TownHouse in the summer and go somewhere else in the winter? Mrs. Ryan Douglas did good for herself, but what about those who didn't. If anything ever happen to her benefits, she has her "RICH",son to fall back on. Let's face it, she isn't like the rest of us, seniors. Most seniors of today is just making it. It doesn't seem like she is!

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