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PolitiFact: Connie Mack says a business in Florida needs 31 permits to expand

It’s one of U.S. Rep. Connie Mack’s favorite stories for the campaign trail.

Owners of a Cape Coral-based boat building company want to expand and hire new people. But a long list of government-imposed permits and fees threaten to capsize their plans.

"There’s a small business in my district. They wanted to expand their business," Mack said during a recent visit to Sayler’s Suncoast Water in Pinellas Park. "It took 31 different permits and fees just to be able to expand their business. This is a government that is out of control."

Republicans frequently rail against burdensome regulations that stifle job growth. And Mack’s story of job-killing regulations anchors his platform as he strives to unseat Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, who’s seeking his third term.

Mack’s story surfaces so frequently, we fact-checkers couldn’t help but dive in. Here, we’re checking if it takes 31 different permits to expand a business. 

See story here.


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Seth Platt

Guess What Mack -- marinas have serious ecological impacts on the environment which must be considered and yes there are permits needed to build and operate them.

Crying foul over a business that needs permits for expansion of building a new marina is disingenuous. Many of these are rudimentary building permits that are needed.

Building a business that uses, makes and sells toxic substances over and around our waterways is not something that should be expedited.

Florida has made great strides in trying to clean up our marinas with the Clean Marina initiative yet Connie Mack wants to take us back to the wild west when business can profit freely without oversight or mitigating their impacts to people's health, the environment, or surrounding property owners and their businesses.

I think your buddy Rick Scott has done enough to gut regulations and licenses and permits over the past year for the benefit of those who seek to skirt enviro regulations and building permits.

Mack is out to lunch on this argument as usual.


Well ... since many of the permits and fees involved in this case are state and local government chains, wrapped around one of our Atlases in business ...

I reckon Scott hasn't done nearly enough yet to improve our regulatory environment.

Gov. Scott, unchain this Florida Atlas so he can put some of our 800,000 unemployed fellow citizens to work.


As we saw with the sugar industry taxpayers pick up the tab for the damages. When are Floridians going to wake up?

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