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Rep. Ana Rivas Logan says rival campaign worker is defaming her by telling voters she's 'bad mother'

A lawyer for state Rep. Ana Rivas Logan has sent a letter to her Aug. 14 Republican primary opponent, Rep. Jose Felix Diaz, asking him to stop someone allegedly working for Diaz's campaign from "making malicious and false defamatory statements" about Logan.

The two incumbent Miami Republicans are vying for the same Kendall-based seat following once-a-decade redistricting.

Diaz said Tuesday he received the letter, which he dismissed as an attempt by Logan to get attention.

"This is Ana's tactic to get free press," he said, adding that his campaign workers have not defamed her, as she alleges. "I would denounce anybody that would talk poorly to a voter about anything personal."

Logan's attorney, Joe Geller, drafted the letter Monday saying that "several different observers, including independent persons" have heard at least one Diaz worker at the West Dade Regional Library early voting site saying "words to the effect 'that Ana Rivas Logan is a bad mother and had her kids taken away from her.'"

"These statements are entirely untrue," Geller's letter says. "Ms. Logan's children are all adults and she is close to all of them. Even years ago, when Ms. Ana Rivas Logan was going through a divorce, she was granted custody of her three (3) children."

Logan sent a statement from her three grown children, Nicole, Mario and Alexandra: "We are deeply saddened and distraught that Representative Diaz's Campaign is making malicious and defamatory statements about our mother whom we enjoy a very good relationship with and love very much. She has been a loving and caring mother and thanks to her hard work and dedication, we are successful today."

Diaz noted that Geller is a Democrat.

 "If anyone has been harassing volunteers at the poll it has been my opponent," Diaz said in an email. "This campaign should be about who is the best candidate for district 116. I will continue to work hard to meet the voters of my district."


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Norman Sanders

I have been at the polls for a judicial candidate in Westchester. Ana gets into fights with everyone from several different campaigns. Her blowing up is a daily occurrence. The Diaz campaign on the other hand bring pizza and water daily for the other campaigns. I invite you to come visit.


This woman, Logan, is a fraud. First criying because someone said that she was born in Nicaragua and not in Cuba wich is true. And now criying because someone said shes a bad mother. Hellloooooo!!!! This is POLITICS. You better stay home with your grandchildrens and forget about running for anything else but loosing weight.

joe blow

I don't know if she's a bad mother or not but I do know she's a bad politician.


Isn't attorney Joe Geller the former longtime chair of the local Democratic committee? Of all the attorneys in South Florida, why would a Republican candidate pick a Democrat attorney? Is Logan a stealth Democrat?

can sayno

Interesting that Mr. Diaz states the discussion should be about who is best to serve yet all of his statements have been character assassination. For example, he is more "Cuban" them ms. Logan.

The fact is in exchanges for monies from the insurance companies, he sold the "Cubans" out by allowing the insurance companies carte blanche to raise their rates.

Naturally he cannot discuss his performance serving the "Cubans" because he has betrayed them and stabbed them in the back.

Marie Alexander

What do you expect from Diaz, he has people like Al Lorenzo and disgraced ex-legislator Ralph Arza running his campaign. It is also well known that he is running an absentee ballot operation for his race out of his house and has several "boleteras" working for him. He is a scandal waiting to happen

Mayito m

Rivas Logan is an awful mother and even a worse politician. I hope the herald interviews her children and ask them about their mother. She will lose her reelection and be out of politics forever. It's a shame that she's resorting to baseless attacks to try to get some earned media. There's a reason why no one has supported her campaign. On August 14th her constituents will send the same resounding message.

Can Sayno

Mayito m
Firstly, your a coward hiding your full name. Secondly, you should be ashamed at how low-class you are.

R M Gordon

Poor FELIX "THE CAT". He was desperated, he knows that once out of the House, he would have been let go by Akerman.....Attorney??? he has been fired from 3 law firms before including Trump's for lack to leadership...land use ?? We have never seem him in any application......lobbiest? yes and a bad one at best!!!
In any event - He is the bad father / 2 smalls kids and he wants to go to Tally to H around.....I never saw Logan at any party...we wont miss her. He is a picture frame at every event with the boyszzzz!!

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