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Romney to unveil 'energy independence' plan today

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney plans to unveil Thursday a series of steps aimed at moving the nation closer to energy independence.

He'll speak in New Mexico, and offer a bluepring tht includes empoewring states to control onshore energy development, open offshore areas for such development, and pursue a North American Energy Partnership.

Other highlights: ensuring "accurae assessment" of energy resources, regulatory reform that restores "transparency and fairness to permitting and regulation," and encouraging private sector-led energy technology development. Read it here.

-- David Lightman


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I don't want to hear anything from Willard Mitt Romney until he releases his tax returns to the American people. He is applying for a job but his resume is totally incomplete.


I don't care about his tax returns. I care that he would be a good President & Romney actually has a plan to reform entitlements & get America back on track. The tax return issue is ridiculous & shame on the media for making it an issue.

Romney/Ryan '12

Jay Sandridge

Craig, I think he would be willing to if MR. OBAMA would release any of his personal document such as College records, ligit SS #, ligit Birth certificate.

You are obvioulsy am member of the "gimmedat" party.



Romney doesn't have a clue neither does Ryan. Either that or they are just pulling the wool over peoples eyes.
There is a glut of crude oil and just a few weeks ago wells in North Dakota were shut down because there is no available storage in this country for it.
In the meantime we are exporting crude oil and gasoline.

As for electricity the best and safe way is nuke, coal is just a terrible polluter. Go check out the forest decimated in Europe by coal power. Over here rivers in Maine are polluted by coal from the great lakes and warning signs stop you eating fish if you catch them


It's hard to take a rich man serious when he complains about our national debt, pays a lower tax rate than the middle class, and advocates paying even lower taxes while proposing to take away from that middle class and add to their taxes. I can't figure out if he's just stupid, selfish, or both.


Note to David Lightman,in the future I suggest using spell check before publishing an article. C'mon' David, "Empoewring" and "Accurae Assessment". What language are you using.


AKPAT, ever noticed that your savior is anti-nuke? How about that he has "visions" for everything but no solid plans for anything? There is most certainly not a "glut" of crude and we are by FAR a net importer of fossil fuels, learn the facts before making a decision and life will be easier for you. Others have done a good job of addressing previous weak-minded loud mouths.


If we had followed Carter and his plan back in the 70's we'd already be independent. But big oil and the elite didn't like that !!!

as to energy policy ? Carter advocated alternative fuels and energy and was ignored and shot down . Cons don't like it when you mess with the oil companies.

Proposed Energy Policy

Carter's speech drew a strong reaction from the Saudis and the oil industry. Think tanks soon emerged - many whose names are today familiar - to suggest there was really no energy problem, and they led the charge to establish a permanent right-wing media in the US. Within two years, Saudi citizen and oil baron Salem bin Laden's sole US representative, James Bath, would funnel cash into the failing business of the son of the CIA's former director, political up-and-comer George H. W. Bush. With that money from the representative of Osama Bin Laden's half-brother, George Bush Jr. was able to keep afloat his Arbusto ("shrub" in Spanish) Oil Company. And he would be in the pocket of the bin Laden and Saudi interests for the rest of his life. But Carter was incorruptible. ..........

........Therefore, Carter said, "I will soon submit legislation to Congress calling for the creation of this nation's first solar bank, which will help us achieve the crucial goal of 20 percent of our energy coming from solar power by the year 2000." But then came the Iran/Contra October Surprise, when the Reagan/Bush campaign allegedly promised the oil-rich mullahs of Iran that they'd sell them missiles and other weapons if only they'd keep our hostages until after the 1980 Carter/Reagan presidential election campaign was over. The result was that Carter, who had been leading in the polls over Reagan/Bush, steadily dropped in popularity as the hostage crisis dragged out, and lost the election. The hostages were released the very minute that Reagan put his hand on the Bible to take his oath of office. The hostages freed, the Reagan/Bush administration quickly began illegally delivering missiles to Iran.

And Ronald Reagan's first official acts of office included removing Jimmy Carter's solar panels from the roof of the White House, and reversing most of Carter's conservation and alternative energy policies.

Today, despite the best efforts of the Bushies, the bin Ladens, and the rest of the oil industry, Carter's few surviving initiatives have borne fruit.



"Craig, I think he would be willing to if MR. OBAMA would release any of his personal document such as College records, ligit SS #, ligit Birth certificate.

You are obvioulsy am member of the "gimmedat" party.


Posted by: Jay Sandridge "

break out the tin foil !


Jim - Your last sentence was a question. Where's the question mark?


Loki: The facts are that there is a glut of crude oil, so much so that wells in ND shut down production just last month.
Now I know that may be hard to get to grips with when you pay what you do at the pump but the price of crude is deliberately held high by the commodities traders. When crude was 145 it was sold by the saudis for 40 !!

Whats more the XL pipeline is all about making Canadian oil available on the world market and doing so will INCREASE the cost of gas here in the USA.

buckeye one

Mittens energy plan means starting ANOTHER Mid East war against Iran on behalf of Exxon-Mobil and BP!


AKPAT, show me your proof that there is a glut of crude in the world, it runs counter to ALL of the other studies that have been completed on the subject. The fact is we will run out of oil in the next half century at our current consumption rate, will you be around when that happens? Do you want your children to have to live without electricity and rapid locomotion because you did not want to address the issue now? Buckeye, I would ask you for proof as well, especially considering the fact that he has yet to STATE his energy plan. What about our current illustrious leader? Does he have ANY plan?


Loki: Its very simple. I have family and friends that work in the oil industry.
At a time when crude sold on the open market for$145 it was extracted from the ground in Utah for $23. During that summer of 2008 Goldmans bought and sold enough oil on the futures market to supply the whole of the US for one month.
If you want to get to a decent price on gas then make energy only trade able by companies that add some value to it.
Furthermore the same bank also trades in electricity although it does not generate any itself. Enron was another classic example of this and it happens with the food you buy as well.
If you want your children and grandchildren to have a decent life in this country then we need to get these things under control, along with the federal budget which is one third borrowed money.
To balance the budget is perhaps the single most important thing the feds can do and yet it cannot be done without cutting about 050% from the military and non SS med entitlements and a 100% cut in pork. After that we would have to raise taxes so how does that fit in with Mitts plan or Ryans plan.


One other point. As of this date there is a glut of crude in this country. I cannot answer for what will happen in 50 years time. Undoubtedly oil will be depleted if we keep burning it at this rate but worry more about the effects on food supply if we get another year of drought.

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