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RPOF counters Greer: party did not offer hush money

The Republican Party of Florida has not attempted to settle a civil suit filed against them by former GOP chairman Jim Greer, according to a lawyer for the party.

"The Republican Party of Florida has never made an offer to pay Jim Greer any money to settle his lawsuit, not one dollar not one red cent,'' said Stephen Dobson, the Tallahassee lawyer who represents the party.

Dobson made the statement Thursday after Greer and his lawyer, Damon Chase, claimed that the party was pushing for a secret settlement that would pay Greer "hush money.''

Party officials did have a meeting with Greer and Chase in September 2011 and agreed to keep the details discussed at the meeting confidential. That written agreement became public this week after Orlando Circuit Judge Marc Lubet agreed to allow Chase to use it as evidence when Greer goes on trial for money laundering and fraud in November.

Chase and Greer contacted reporters with copies of a newly released "confidentiality agreement'' signed by Andy Palmer, former executive director of the party and initialed by Chase, Dobson and Steve Andrews, another lawyer who represented the party at the time.

Chase said the document is proof that the party was trying keep Greer quiet.

Lucy Morgan, Times Senior Correspondent


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I realize that lying is part of your professional training as a lawyer, but seriously ...

We all know that neither you nor any good lawyer would enter settlement talks of importance until after all sides had signed a confidentiality agreement.

But you must have missed some law school classes on logic.

An existing necessary antecedent (the confidentiality agreement) to a consequent event (settlement talks) no more implies that the consequent event occurred than does the fact that a pig has approached a trough mean that it has eaten.

The trough was empty, and Greer’s and your own great desire to pig out doesn’t change that fact.

Your document is at best only a necessary condition, not a sufficient condition for settlement talks to have occurred … no matter how much you insist on your false dichotomy (both documents or neither).

tom reynolds

HEY Whasup , You missed it . It is showing secrets of the RPOF . What has the RPOF been doing ? Secrets ! The fact that you used the pig in your dumb comment shows you a John Morgan Groupie . John Morgan , the winner of the Pig look a like contest , year after year . When the trail gets going hope the truth does not make you cry too much , there are too many crying Republicans all ready .


I hope the mud slinging continues for months. The RPOF and its leadership are as corrupt as they get. The only reason money flows into that organization is to buy influence, and the RPOF is more than happy to sell out the people of Floriduh.


Now we all know why Marco Rubio is not going to be Romney's V.P.!!! The things Greer knows will crush many and in particular Little Marco. and his roomate David R..

joe blow

the squirting sounds you just heard were Johnny TRASHer, Little Marco Rubio and Mikey Hari"dope"olous soiling their undies.
when Jimbo gets done singing they'll be wearing soap on a rope at Club Fed! LOL!

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