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Rubio's speech interrupted by hecklers

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio's speech to the Florida delegation was interrupted several times Tuesday by a well-placed band of protestors.

Rubio handled it with humor, joking initially that one protestor "is not happy with the hotel assignment"  assignment" and later asked "Did he eat the food?"

About six protestors from Stand Up Florida, a group affiliated with the service employees union, and their lawyer were given a trespass warning and were escorted by Pinellas County Sheriff deputies off the property. Most of them were from Palm Beach County, including self-described anarchist and former Lake Worth City Commissioner Cara Jennings. They appeared to have found their way into the convention hall without credentials.

Rubio told the crowd that in 2010, his campaign for U.S. Senate was "against someone who behaved like a Democrat" and added, "I'm not sure what he's doing nowadays but, I told you so."

With that, a man who later identified himself only as ""John" stood up and shouted, "Mr. Rubio, we representatives of the working class demand that the GOP stop..." his comments were then drown out by boos from the crowd.

One of the conventioneers shouted back, "then get a job,'' as the crowd applauded. Quipped Rubio, "well, I guess he's not happy with the hotel assignment, as the crown erupted in laughter and applause.

"He's clearly at the wrong convention,'' Rubio continued. "Did he eat the food?"

He reminded the delegates, "We can't live without Florida, you guys know that. It's such a critical state but so much of these campaigns are decided on the margins. It basically comes down to the people that we know who may not vote unless you get them there...Not because they're bad people but because they're busy."

As he continued, Tonya Rosenberg of Boca Raton, stood up with her cane and shouted: "Mr. Rubio, we want you to pay your fair share." 

Rubio then asked, "Alright where's the hidden camera?"

He continued, suggesting that Obama's promises for hope and change "were long gone." As Jennings rose to challenge him, security started escorting people out The protestors shouted. The crowd shouted back, "USA. USA. USA." 

:Hey,'' Rubio stopped them. "At least they call me, Mr. Rubio." He quickly finished.

"They challenge of this convention is to convince the American people that the direction that we're on now is the wrong direction and there's a better direction, one the will allow us to leave for our children what they deserve to inherit,'' he said. "The single greatest nation in all of human history."