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SEIU boosts Joe Garcia, bashes Congressman Rivera, in Olympic prime-time ad

The Services Employee International Union is providing what could be crucial help to Democrat Joe Garcia, who is facing a tough challenge from fellow Democrat Gloria Romero Roses and a potential ringer in the Aug. 14 primary, Justin Lamar Sternad, who is running a pretty suspicious campaign but denies being a plant from Republican Rep. David Rivera.

Romero Roses, who has spent about $425,000 on mailers and ads, fell afoul of the union for working at a condo management company implicated in union busting, which happened before her watch. However, her husband Tom worked at the company.

This ad is an indication that SEIU, normally one of the least-effective unions in Florida, might finally get its act together by paying money where its mouth is. Whether the ad is effective is another matter (it might be). It's certainly visible, airing last night during the Olympics.


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Caputos candidate.

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