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Series: Citizens Insurance's campaign to raise rates and drop policies

Patricia Temple’s annual insurance bill soared by more than $2,100 after an inspector knocked on her door earlier this year. The bill came from Citizens Property Insurance Corp., and the inspector was one of thousands fanning the state on Citizens’ behalf, often with sudden and jarring results for homeowners.

The state-run insurer is using a massive home inspection program — along with dozens of coverage cutbacks and policy changes — in an aggressive campaign to bolster its bottom line and reduce its level of risk. The campaign — which has intensified at the urging of Gov. Rick Scott — has already cost homeowners hundreds of millions of dollars. And the pocketbook impact could easily reach the billions as more and more homeowners are affected.

For Temple, a 79-year-old retired librarian who lives alone on a fixed income, the premium hike is taking a large bite out of her limited budget.

“I was shocked and I called my agent,” she said from her three-bedroom home in Coral Gables. “I’ve never had an insurance claim on anything.”

Her insurance premium jumped from $4,882 to $7,028.

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Terry Lyle

Rick the Dick is doing exactly what is expected of any good Tea Partyite. CRUSH the lower and middle classes. Kill off the seniors that are draining money from the rich elite. And he will spend another $78M of his own money to make sure THAT happens just like he spent $78M of his own money to get elected. Mitt Romney scares me if he gets elected president but he is still 1,000% better than Rick the Dick. This man should have been jailed for the fraud scheme he perpetrated with his health care company. He iswhy I am leaving SW Florida after 33+ years. I can't afford to live here anymore since he took office. Everything he does is aimed at hurting the people that need the help the most. But Rick just wait. KARMA is going to bite you in the ... one day when there is no one left here to shine your shoes or serve your lavish meals or build you new roads to drive your LIMO on.

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