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Specifically, it may help Mitt Romney to keep it vague. Or maybe not

No dates. No dollar signs. No numbers.

Mitt Romney’s two-page plan to overhaul Medicare is an exercise in vagueness.

And that could prove to be a most-effective campaign weapon this election season. Or it could be his undoing.

Specifics might be a thing to be avoided in a campaign. Elections often hinge more on emotions than on facts. They’re often more about how people figure a politician will improve their lives and not so much about the figures proposed by politicians.

And the addition of Paul Ryan to Romney’s presidential ticket hasn’t changed that at all.

A bars-and-charts-wielding Wisconsin congressman, Ryan has a reputation as a specifics guy. But now he’s the No. 2 on a ticket where the attention to detail doesn’t extend to details.

“The nature of running a presidential campaign is that you’re communicating direction to the American people,” an anonymous Romney adviser told the Politico website. “Campaigns that are about specifics, particularly in today’s environment, get tripped up.”

Case in point: President Barack Obama.

Obama promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. The deficit grew instead. Obama said his stimulus plan would keep unemployment below 8 percent. That hasn’t happened yet. He said he’d pass the pro-immigrant DREAM Act in his first term. That didn’t happen, either.

And, in February 2008, Obama campaign surrogate Kathleen Sebelius specifically pointed to Romney’s healthcare reform when he was governor of Massachusetts and said Obama believed “the individual mandate doesn’t work.”

By 2010, the mandate requiring people buy health insurance was the linchpin of Obamacare when it passed. And, ironically, Romney attacks the very plan that was based on his plan.

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Mark ... we still want to see your evidence attacking Ryan on both opposing stimulus but "secretly" working to "bring home the bacon."

Of course, that really doesn't matter because ...

A Representative, even a committee chair, can legitimately and honestly oppose massive deficit spending, only to see the Congress, pushed by the President, approve of it.

After the idiots and special interests controlling the system make that bad choice to overspend, there is nothing that Representative can do about it.

But it is simply not an inconsistency for that Representative, once the system has decided to spend everyone and their children's future earnings, to help folks get some of that money spent back home in their district.

That's because, at minimum, if the system is going to abuse everyone's future finances, including the Rep's constituents, it is only fair that he or she should get some of that cash infusion to benefit his or her constituents.

Robert Jenkins

Here's the rub on what you say; there are at least three leeters signed by Ryan, completely different from his public speak. On a radio call in program Ryan, openly stated he had not, nor would he request any stimulus monies; after already doing so. Was he lying then? As it is obvious; hr is lying now!!! Remember, to a catholic and many other religious beliefs; a half truth, is a whole lie.

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