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Fed grand jury alert: suspected David Rivera-ringer changes financial reports amid investigation

A failed Democratic congressional candidate whose campaign is under federal grand jury investigation abruptly amended his financial disclosures to show he loaned himself nearly $53,000 more than he originally reported.

Before filing the new report, Justin Lamar Sternad, 35, insisted his finances were in order and steadfastly refused to say how he paid for tens of thousands of dollars worth of campaign-mail services.

Many of the transactions were in cash — sometimes in the form of $100 bills stuffed in envelopes, a campaign vendor said.

The big cash payments drew the attention of the FBI, which began examining the working-class hotel employee, a political unknown who now claims to have dropped about $64,000 of his own money in his Aug. 14 primary loss.

Campaign vendors told The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald that Sternad’s congressional Democratic primary run was backed by Republican Rep. David Rivera, who says he has never met or helped Sternad. During the campaign, Sternad bashed Rivera’s main rival, Joe Garcia. Garcia handily won and faces Rivera in November.

Rivera and Sternad have denied working in concert. Rivera has publicly attacked Sternad’s campaign vendors who spoke about his role, calling them liars or Herald lackeys. Sternad has blamed them for his reporting problems.

“I did not previously report this loan because I was unaware of the final monetary obligation incurred by my campaign,” Sternad wrote to the Federal Election Commission, which posted his letter Thursday. “I have now received invoices for the expenditures ... and this amendment represents satisfaction of those invoices.”

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/08/23/2965170/suspected-ringer-candidate-backed.html#storylink=cpy

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Well, of course, Sternad didn't know the monetary obligation incurred by his campaign ... because Rivera and his minions didn't tell him how much they spent using him.


People are so damn stupid! If this guy was a ringer why was he one of the first to file in 2011 before Garcia even thought of filing? The Herald is so focused on getting Rivera they will make anything up.


Rivera and Rubio are like brothers.


This smells like a complete setup. Why would David Rivera do this only 6 weeks after he had been cleared of everything else, but while all eyes were on him? Why would David hand the guy all this cash personally? It makes no sense. David isn't that stupid. Everyone knew that Joe Garcia was going to win the primary. David and everyone else in Miami Dade knew this.

buckeye one

yeah,CORRUPT Cuban Brothers!
but hey, the idiots in Hialeah and Myami will vote for them again and again and again!

Voice of Truth

Rivera's office and campaigner staffers are hard at work on this and other sites to make their boss look clean. This is understandable since there will no jobs for them if he loses.
Well, Rivera wasn't clear of everything as there was an FBI investigation before this event. Rivera claimed not to have any connection with Sternad, yet he goes on Hispanic media and shows Sternad's amended filing before the FEC even got it and three days before they made it public information. Sternad's campaign consultant turns out to be a very closed Rivera associate and a die-hard Republican who is suddenly running a Democrat campaign in which the candidate, Sternad, devotes all of this effort to attacking the Democrat Garcia -- and not the Republican Rivera.
"John" and "Bigblackcoat" insult our intelligence by calling us "stupid" and playing the race card with the insinuation that the Miami Herald creates conspiracies because it hates Cubans. This disinformation is despicable.


First off the reports don't show up on the FEC site right away true, it take several days however, did anyone call and verify when exactly the FEC received this NO! They just assumed. Rivera does have lawyers and so does Sternad. lawyers can and do exchange information hence why Rivera had a copy of the report. Second Sternad's consultant is just that a "general consultant" not soley a republican consultant. She can and will work with both Republican and Democrats. And lastly Sternad is and has been a democrat since 2000 he is far from being a republican. Maybe some people need to do their research a little better before they believe everything they hear! Garcia is an idiot which didnt even file his candidacy reports yet but, I dont hear the herald or anyone else talking about that at all. This is all a setup by the corrupt Joe Garcia to weaken Rivera further so he can win the general. All he has done in every election is mudsling and has completely ignored our needs as citizens having no platform other than attack attack attack.

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