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U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson accepts Tampa Bay Times/CNN debate invite

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson today accepted a CNN / Tampa Bay Times debate and one proposed by Leadership Florida jointly with the Florida Press Association.

But, this morning, Mack publicly pushed Nelson to accept future debate invites and told the Times/Herald he's ready to debate Nelson in Tampa.

Mack angered his lesser-known rivals in the GOP primary by refusing to debate them.

Republicans are hoping to help secure a majority in the Senate by unseating Nelson, who is seeking his third term.

The date, rules and format of the debates are undecided. Nelson campaign manager Pete Mitchell said he'd wait until after the Aug. 14 primary to address specifics.

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Senator Nelson has always been a lap dog for whatever democratic administration happens to be in office. He has absolutely zero concern for the welfare of the American people or this nation. When seniors are denied the operation that could extend their lives. I want them to remember to thank Senator Nelson. When this nation, once the leader of the free world, now a weak follower, goes into a complete economic disaster mode. I want them to remember to thank Senator Nelson. I almost forget to mention something that might interest seniors. Obama's healthcare plan is so great that all those overpaid, corrupt politicians on Capitol Hill and in the White House voted to exempt themselves from it. And it was probably the only time since they ALL voted to raise their already overpaid salaries was the vote unanamous.

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