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Women’s suffrage, stirred not shaken, at YG Network

Sure, conservatives are playing defense these days over abortions thanks to the widely condemned remarks of Missouri Rep. Todd Akin.

That’s where the YG Network comes in during the Republican National Convention.

Though technically not part of the RNC, the network is sponsoring a “Woman Up” pavilion dedicated to showcasing conservative women and women’s issues. While the press talks abortion, abortion and abortion, the YG Network wants to talk about the economy, economy, economy.

“More and more, women are the breadwinners in the household. They care about the economy,” said Mary Anne Carter, an event organizer and former chief policy advisor to Republican Gov. Rick Scott. “Women make almost all of the healthcare decisions for the family. We’re going to have substantive policy discussions on these issues.”

And they can have a few drinks doing it. In addition to having a large lounge and women’s suffrage exhibit, the pavilions sprts the Kahwa Café & Grey Goose Bar, which serves drinks like the “Woman Up-Tini.”

“It’s a place where women can come relax, chill out, learn a little suffrage and do a little work,” Carter said.


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Jill  H.

But, but, but I thought Republicans hated women? Now I really am confused!

Johnny Hothead

Don't worry, Jill. They'll do something stupid and prove it all over again....


Good for these Ladies, live and let live. In reality they are in the minority, the Majority of women find the Republican platform to be anti-woman. Romney won't even release his taxes. All women want a better economy but not at the sake of of our liberty and choices being stripped away. Obama is pro Woman and it will be the downfall of Mitt at the election.


I am amused by the comments of Ellen above.

From the Gallup poll: "All in all, Obama's strongest support among women comes among those who are under 30, those with postgraduate education, and those who are black and Hispanic."

These women are already part of the Obama/Democrat voter coalition.

More importantly, there is NO gap among independent women, and those are the ones who decide our elections.

And Gallup points out there recent results are virtually identical to those they found 4 months ago.

So this sort of silly spin from the lefties is best understood as a sign of the Obamabots growing desperation.

That desperation is best indicated by the increasingly plaintive plea from the Obama campaign for campaign contributions (see their fund-raising e-mails).

Romney can certainly lose this election if his campaign keeps screwing up, but the women voter gap is not his chief problem.

Margaret H

I work in a large corporation and every single woman (165 in the southeast office ranging from 18-67) are voting for Obama. We are talking about registered Democrats and Republicans. The consensus is clear: these women blame President Bush and his failed war for causing our debt. The Republicans have created a war against a women and it is extremely offensive. Creating the anti-woman platform does not help the economy. I am a registered Republican and I am disgusted with my party, and will vote for Obama.

Holly Figueroa O'Reilly

The gender gap is indeed a huge problem for Romney, and the GOP in every election year since Reagan.

Granholm: Gender Gap Grows In White House Race: http://detroit.cbslocal.com/2012/08/23/granholm-gender-gap-grows-in-white-house-race/

Where the Gender Gap was Born: http://www.salon.com/2012/08/27/where_the_gender_gap_was_born/


There's an old saying that goes something like this:

what does it profit a person if they gain the world economically), yet to loose their own souls?

Ethics are moral choices. Treating employees properly is a moral choice. Not polluting is a moral choice. Understanding WHY I should keep my pay and not pay for the healthcare of someone else, but based on my own driving record is a moral choice.

If the biggest issue you're concerned about are ecomomic, then you do not understand the problems of this country and the world. Economic issues are BECAUSE of bad moral choices by people on all sides of the aisle.

If you think moving the economy along at a 4.5% clip is going to solve the problems... you're sadly mistaken.

By the way, I'm not even remotely close to a Democrat. Haven't voted for one in over 30 years and have no intention of doing so this time. Just someone who believes you can't have a decent economy unless you have a moral compass.

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