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Would Mack back Weldon? His campaign won't say

Asked if U.S. Rep. Connie Mack would support Dr. Dave Weldon in the off-chance of an upset in the GOP U.S. Senate primary, Mack campaign spokesman David James wouldn't bite.

"I would expect that under direction of your boss and Bill Nelson's Communications Director, Adam Smith, that these types of questions are going to continue until August 14. Ridiculous," he replied in an e-mail.

The reference to Times political editor Adam Smith is typical of the Mack campaign, which is stirring up its base by waging a public war on Smith and blocking other Times/Herald reporters who cover the race. Tensions escalated after the Times editorial board recommended Weldon over Mack on July 15.

Polls predict Mack will score a landslide victory in the primary, and face off against Democratic incumbent U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, who's seeking his third term. Yet, so few people vote in the primaries, the results can be unpredictable.

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Of course, Little Lord Fauntleroy ... er, I mean ... little Cornelius McGillicuddy IV ... won't say that he would support his Republican opponent in the general election.

That's because his people are hearing the same thing many are: that a ground swell of grass roots support is welling up for Weldon.

They want to deny that and won't do anything to acknowledge that the possibility that the Mack-boy, establishment candidate might lose.

The truth is that Nelson will walk all over little lordling Connie because the one thing voters like less than a long-term, part-of-the-problem serving Senator is some little jerk wad who wouldn't even be in the race except for having his daddy's and granddaddy's name.

We are Americans ... and we're tired of putting up with noble families and their spawn.

harry houdini

"Empty and unpressed suit."

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