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Al Hoffman and Chris Cline host big dollar fundraisers tonight for Romney

From Jose Lambiet's Gossip Extra:

If presidential wannabe Mitt Romney‘s controversial fundraiser at hedge fund boss Marc Leder‘s Boca house had potential for a backlash, wait until you hear about what Romney will find tonight in north Palm Beach County.

The Republican candidate is scheduled to raise beaucoup bucks in two events at the Seminole Landing beachside neighborhood of North Palm Beach.

And organizers include a party-loving West Virginia coalman, and a former nursing home mogul whose spotty financial history cause her to quit several high-profile political positions!

Incidentally, Seminole Landing is where Tiger Woods‘ ex-wife destroyed a $12 million mansion to rebuild one just like it over the rubbles.

Tonight’s fundraisers start at the $10.5 million-home of Elin Nordegren‘s neighbor to the north, Forbes 400 dweller Chris Cline.

And it ends at the $10.5 million home of Nordegren’s neighbor to the south, former WCI developer Al Hoffman.

According to the invitations, billionaire Cline’s fiesta starts at 5:30 p.m. and includes a photo with Romney to whoever is willing to pay $10,000, or raise $25,000. The party’s supposed to move to Hoffman’s for the $50,000 per couple dinner.

Like Boca’s Leder, meanwhile, Cline has a colorful history. Read more here.


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Can't Take Anymore

Sounds like the top 1% of the elite 1% will be gathering at this very posh event. I wonder how many of them already realize that donating even more to the Romney campaign is tantamount to throwing their money down a well? It looks like Ol' Willard is turning out to be as poor an investment as in a new Rambler dealership in 1975.


The Romney campaign slogan reads ''Believe in America''. Technically, they should enlarge those signs to include Switzerland (bank accounts), Bermuda (shell corporations), and The Cayman Islands (tax havens), to mention just a few. The obscenely rich Romney backers continue to flaunt their greed, and these fund raisers are a prime example.

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