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Amid skipped intel. briefs, murdered ambassador and golf, XRoads ad says 'Mr President, it's time to show up or work.'

Karl Rove's American Crossroads SuperPAC, which has bought up loads of TV time in Florida, airs virtually every conservative grievance with President Obama's foreign policy in this new ad: Skipped intelligence briefings and playing 100 rounds of golf; campaign fundraisers after an ambassador is murdered in Libya; cold relations with Israel's conservative leader amid nuclear-arms tensions with Iran; and "celebrity" ties to David Letterman, Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Expect Democrats to go ballistic, noting that Rove was by President Bush's side when 9/11 happened and the controversial invasion of Iraq sidetracked the mission in Afghanistan. The White House says the president reads his briefs, even if he doesn't attend meetings.

“This president is an absolutely responsible and voracious consumer of his presidential daily briefing and of the information provided to him by his national security team,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said.

The ad, which has dark theme music and has the feel of the trailer to a thriller, ends with the picture of empty oval office chairs (a reference to Clint Eastwood's Republican National Convention speech) and a ringing phone (the 3 am/pm call?).

The ad is so tough and evokes such a visceral response that conservatives are excited. But they also seem let down that Mitt Romney's campaign has been unable to match it.

Consider this exchange on Twitter retweeted by ‏@jimgeraghty: "@freddoso: 'That's too good to be a Romney ad,' remarks @philipaklein. True dat. http://youtu.be/4antn3JatAg  | Empty chair!"

It might be enough to make some independents/undecideds dislike Obama. But is it enough to get them to vote for Mitt Romney?


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Wait a minute. If it is true that Obama misses intelligence briefings but also does read his intel briefs, then shouldn't we ask if he missed something--a warning note, or an opportunity to ask a question--about some radical Muslims planning to assault our embassies?

Is it possible that he could have noticed that the intel folks and the state department were not providing adequate warnings to our embassy personnel about security threats?

Could it be that, had he been paying close attention, being a smart man, he would have required our intel folks and embassy folks to put out a real warning of danger to them from the Muslim radicals?

Is it possible that we now have a dead ambassador because somebody in charge didn't do what he should have to make sure that our property (the embassies) were protected?

Just asking ...


Obama created the Arab spring and instigated regime change in Egypt and Libya by arming Al Qaeda. He's trying to do the same in Syria. He arms our enemies then blames every one but himself when our people are killed, sodomized and dragged through the road like animals. Blood in the streets. Chaos everywhere. The economy is a disaster beyond belief. If our credit rating is dropped any lower we'll have to finance the national debt with title pawn loans. The population is systematically divided and spurred daily for class warfare. From the mainstream media a barrage of propaganda that would make Joseph Goebbels jealous. Are we happy, yet?


Let's face it - intelligence isn't Obama's strong suit.


There is nothing wrong with the way President Obama has been conducting himself in office. As a disabled Vietnam veteran who served honorably, I thank the president and honor him for all he has done to help active duty military members, veterans and their families. Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Biden have dedicated themselves to helping the families of military and veterans. No modern president has done more for us than President Obama.

And Rove, who was at Bush's side on 9/11/2001, is simply lying and playing with fire in accusing President Obama of dereliction of duty in the recent deaths of our Ambassador and three other State Department employees. That is striaght out of the Rovian playbook. Rove is disgusting.


Bush cancelled intelligence meetings altogether causing 9/11.


Why can't we just have faith with this man?


Whasup and Bandit - The brilliant Karl Rove, who financed these ads, should have known about the lack of WMD in Iraq. That war saw over 3000 American killed. I don't think Obama got anybody killed by missing a meeting.
Singleslipup - 'armed Al Qaeda', 'sodomized', 'Joseph Goebbels'.... get back on your meds!!!

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